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Social networks come with their good and bad sides. The good side is, it brings us all together and ensures our interaction is seamless and easy, but the bad side is, its toxicity.

Toxicity in the sense that it can sometimes be a platform where users are more annoying or uncaring than they would be when you meet them physically. The hate is extremely real like they say, and you can actually get hurt when you see certain comments that will not just ruin your day, but your month, year and entire future.

This is why we always bless the Big Man above for the Blocking feature. It allows you to stay away from those that will bring you nothing but a bad mood, and by so doing, you can live a healthy social media life at all times.

So the question is, can you know if you got blocked on Instagram? The response to this is not as simple as you would expect.

Instagram Block
Know If You Are Blocked On Instagram

Did someone block you on Instagram?

Instagram will not inform you if you got yourself blocked. I don’t think any social network does that anyway. This will be against their motive for creating a platform where people can interact and have a swell time. Letting someone know he or she just got blocked is not an appealing way to entice people to your network, so expect Instagram to keep mum.

But luckily for those it concerns, some signals will you let you know when you have been blocked. Let check them out below:

1. Check their Instagram profile

Pick a comment they made on your post and head to their profile. When you reach there if you view a post count but no post, that will hint that you have been blocked. You will likely view their profile page with the counts at the top as usual, their profile picture and the normal details.

When you swipe down, where a list of the most recent posts or comments will normally be visible, “No Posts Yet.” will be shown. This is a clear hint that you got yourself blocked.

2. Check your Instagram direct messages

If you sent the person you feel has blocked you a DM on Instagram, your DMs can be used to check. If the messages are visible, then it means you are not blocked. If your DMs are nowhere to be found, that’s a sign, you got yourself blocked.

3. Use Instagram search

Searching for a profile on Instagram is a proper way to know if you got your account blocked or Nah. If they are shown in search and you see their account, the counts, profile picture but “No Posts Yet,” then it is likely that you have been blocked.

If the profile page is visible as normal, with counts and posts intact, or what you see is “This Account is Private,” then you are not blocked.

Know If You Are Blocked On Instagram

4. Make use of a web search

A simple web search can aid you to know for sure if you have been blocked on Instagram. Get yourself logged into Instagram on the web, make use of the search, but ensure you switch USERNAME for the individual’s username. If you are blocked, “Sorry, this page isn’t available” will be visible.

Do not panic yet because this message can also be seen if the person’s account was deactivated, so maybe you are yet to get blocked. Confirm by signing out of Instagram on the web, then open an Incognito window and make use of the URL above. If “Sorry this page isn’t available” is still visible, the user definitely deactivated his or her account. If a profile outline is seen, the account is not deactivated and you have definitely been blocked.

5. Call a friend

The last trick you can pull out of the hat to confirm if you got blocked or not is simply asking another friend to confirm on your behalf. Tell your buddy to check the person’s profile or posts and see what is shown. If they are seeing the exact same thing you are viewing, then you are not blocked. If they are not, i am so sorry.

That’s about that.

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