It doesn’t matter whether you’re an online dating connoisseur, or you feel bewildered just thinking about signing up for Fruzo – adding webcam chats to your online dating experience can be a game-changer.
For the experienced online daters, video chats give them focus; for the inexperienced, it helps them feel a sense of context as they talk to strangers. Wherever you fall on the experience spectrum, a video chat feature could end up being your second-favourite thing about online dating – with your favourite thing (ideally) being the person you fell in love with on the platform.
If using webcams for online dating is such a big deal, what can people actually use them for? Well, the possibilities go well beyond getting-to-know-you conversations – although that’s an excellent start. Instead of thinking of webcams as an upgraded version of a phone call, think of them as something closer to a portal to someone else’s world. You can’t ever cross through, but you can come close to sharing parts of their life. Want to know how? Just keep reading.

Use webcam chats as an extension of your profile for better matches

Yes, this is a boring start to the list, but it’s worth saying. Think about how an online dating profile works. The picture gives a snapshot of your face, and the written details give a snapshot of your life. Taken together, it’s a small and usually inadequate depiction of your personality.
Now think about what people see when you turn up in a video chat. Are you dressed in a way that represents you in real life? What does the background in the video say about you? You want to put your best foot forward, while still being authentic. Maybe for you, “authentic” is relaxing on the couch with a fun, messy bun and a cat.
Or, it could be sitting in your bedroom, surrounded by Star Wars figurines. Even if the only space that’s available for the video chat setup has a blank wall for a background, try to jazz it up a little. Not only will it make a much better impression, but now your living space is a little more interesting.
It might seem like overkill to worry about backgrounds and outfits, but it all contributes to the subconscious decision that other online daters will make almost as soon as they meet you – just like the kind of snap decision they make when viewing a dating profile.
If you’ve clearly put effort into your appearance and environment, it sends a signal that you’re probably willing to put effort into a relationship as well. And thanks to webcam chats, all that can be communicated in just a few seconds of live video.

Use webcam chats to make your online dating experience safer

Not many dating sites have a video chat feature, but the ones that do generally offer text chats as well. If you’re talking with someone via text and you aren’t sure if they’re legit, try suggesting a video call.
You could get a few different responses to this. They could reply that they’re too shy, they don’t have a webcam, their internet is too slow, and so on – which could be perfectly true. However, if they consistently decline to talk via webcam while also asking about personal information, or requesting good-faith loans, that’s a pretty sure sign that they’re trying to scam you. If that’s the case, there’s no reason to keep talking to them.

Use webcam chats to deepen relationships

It doesn’t matter what anybody says – sometimes emojis just can’t get the job done. Those who are shy might prefer messaging to video chatting simply because it maintains a degree of distance between them and the stranger, but for a lot of people messaging can become a bit of a pain. It’s fine for the trite back-and-forth conversations, but once you want to say anything meaningful, it’s hard to draft a message that gets the point across.
Video chats, on the other hand, have the flexibility to handle anything. It could be a light-hearted, 5-minute call to tell a funny story or a 3-hour conversation about a mutual passion. Whatever you happen to be talking about, you have a crucial source of information: body language. It tells you the difference between someone who’s just being polite and someone who’s genuinely interested. You can get someone’s “vibe”, instead of just critiquing their grasp of English – which, by the way, isn’t even everyone’s first language on most dating sites.
As the relationship progresses, your video chats will probably change too. Just make sure that you’re both setting aside time for regular, long conversations. Since video chats go a long way in replacing in-person interaction, it’s important to avoid getting lazy or taking each other for granted. This brings us to the next section –

Use webcam chats to facilitate hangouts and hot dates

People use webcam chats to talk to each other, but what if you wanted to go beyond talking? Easy! If you want to brainstorm things to do with a romantic interest via video chat, just think about what you could do if you were actually together. You might not be able to ride bikes down a beautiful country trail, but you could watch a virtual sunset together. You can’t go to a restaurant, but you can get food delivered and share the meal while webcam chatting. If the dating site allows sexual content on the platform, you could even make some after-dinner plans as well.
In other words, get creative! As long as it’s allowed on the dating platform (and is also legal), webcam chatting can supply all kinds of awesome benefits that you’ll both enjoy. Not only is it more efficient than text chatting, but you’ll be able to make more accurate decisions about who may or may not be right for you. Ending up with the relationship you want might take a little while, but webcam chats will be there to help you every step of the way.
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