How to get verified on Instagram in 2021

How to get verified on Instagram

On Instagram, the blue checkmark indicates that the user has been verified. Next to the name, the identity verification icon appears. This indicates that the person in front of us is an official brand or well-known person, not a fake or a fraudster.

There has been an increasing number of examples of fraud recently, in which fraudsters use different Instagram marketing techniques to create and promote fake accounts of well-known businesses or personalities in order to quickly attract an audience and begin selling advertising.

The problem of deceiving the audience is solved by verification: a person quickly recognizes that this is a real Instagram account, implying that its owner can be trusted.

It does not grant any special benefits. Users’ postings with a “checkmark” are more likely to be included in Instagram recommendations, according to one theory. Because the theory concerning the increase in coverage hasn’t been proven, we’ll label it a myth.

Verified account holders can also add links to stories. After achieving the 10,000-subscriber mark, however, this chance becomes available to all users.

Who gets the blue checkmark?

You must be verified in order to get a tick. Any user can apply. An ordinary person, on the other hand, will not be ticked. He must be well-known, at least in narrow circles.

Who gets the blue checkmark:

  • Brands
  • Public and governmental organizations
  • Popular bloggers
  • Politicians
  • Actors
  • Famous athletes
  • Singers
  • Writers, journalists
  • Public figures

How many subscribers do you need to verify your profile?

It may appear that having a large number of people subscribe to your profile is required to be confirmed. But this isn’t true: accounts with a checkmark next to the username can have up to 3,000 subscribers.

The most important requirement is that you prove that you are an official representative of the brand or a well-known figure.

From this fact, we draw a simple conclusion: the number of subscribers does not matter.


Requirements for getting a checkmark

Let’s take a closer look at what it takes to get that desired blue checkmark:

  • The profile’s actual data. If the account is for personal use, the name and surname must match those on the passport. Accounts for brands and organizations must have paperwork proving the company’s official registration.
  • It is necessary to have an open Instagram account.
  • The account should contain personal photos.
  • You must have a single account that represents a business or person.
  • It’s all been filled in. In your profile header, you must include information about yourself or your brand. There should also be no links to other social media platforms.

How to get a blue checkmark: Instructions

In the Instagram mobile app, you can send a verification request. To do so, go to “Settings” on your profile.

Next – go to “Account” – “Request verification”. Type your first and last name, nickname, and account category on the confirmation request page. Select the “Submit” button. Now, all you have to do is wait and hope that the account is verified.

The application may take up to two weeks to be reviewed. There’s a good chance you’ll be rejected the first time you apply. There have been cases where famous people have received a blue checkmark after a week.

Can I buy a blue checkmark?

Yes, you can. There are companies that will “buy” the blue tick for you. They will assist with the collection of relevant documents as well as the publication of information about you or your company in the media.

There is, however, no certainty that you will receive the blue checkmark. If you receive it, it could be “taken away” if it’s discovered that “grey” tactics were used to pass the verification.

Ticks are also “sold” by frauds. They simply “disappear” after taking money from unsuspecting users. As a result, if you are guaranteed that you will receive a blue checkmark in a week, you are dealing with a typical fraud.


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