For organizations and businesses that reach out to clients via emails, often, finding email addresses is the last piece needed to complete the puzzle. Marketers, most of the time, know exactly who they would want to reach out to — an interaction which could easily be done through social media. However, email is the more personal and professional way to do that; and getting such contact information can be a challenge.

It is understandable why most people are protective of their email addresses. More often, that’s one of the best ways to protect oneself from spam. And while there are various search tricks and email finding tools, you can employ to help you get by, there’s Snovio — the ultimate email finder that generates relevant leads towards giving your business a boost. To find out more about how the platform, Snovio, helps you find emails to boost the business, as well as the features that’d make it your preferred choice, read on.

1. Email Search and Verification

Email Search and Verification

This tool ‘scavenges’ web domains to find email addresses along with the names and job positions of relevant contacts from various domains — either in batches or individually (one by one). Another feature is a search for email addresses everywhere on the web. So, if you’ve found a prospect on the professional social network, activate the Email Finder extension and save the lead in the list. With this tool, you will be able to build a list of prospects in almost no time.

Now, to find emails is solving one bit of the problem. The next step is verifying those emails. There’s always the danger of getting your account suspended due to high bounce rates resulting from sending emails to too many invalid addresses. Snovio is able to check all the email addresses you have in order to reduce the bounce rate and keep you within the 10-15% safety zone. You only need to upload the email list to be verified and cleaned.

find emails

2. Email Drip Campaigns for Triggered Sequences

Email Drip Campaigns for Triggered Sequences

Now that you have quality emails you can work with, what would you do? In just a matter of minutes, you can create drip campaigns with personalized triggered follow-ups.

You can put the outreach process on autopilot by building custom email sequences and choosing the appropriate triggers and delays for the follow-up emails. You can reach out to the entire prospects list via a mass email campaign. The statistics keep you updated about the performance of the campaign in regards to the opening of emails, clicking of links, and replies.

If you prefer something other than the mass approach and want to add a human touch to the messages, you can personalize them. Moreover, you can add custom variables either in the subject line or the message body. By default, first and last name variables are available. If you need more variables, you can upload your own list of prospects with other data columns, like the company,  position, location, etc.

Additionally, to be sure the emails won’t get lost in the abyss, you can save the emails as templates for the future and use them once you are in need.

3. Email Tracker for Gmail

Email Tracker for Gmail

Would you like to know what happens with the emails you send — whether they get opened or ignored? If you answered ‘yes’, then you’d welcome this free Email Tracker for Gmail. With the email tracking feature, you get to receive live desktop push notifications the exact moment the recipient opens the email message to read or clicks the link.

Another benefit of this feature is that it enables you to be aware of the emails that convert and the ones which get ignored. That should inform you when it’s the right time to follow up with a Hot Lead or make some adjustments to the email outreach.

The cool thing about this Email Tracker is that you’re allowed to use it for multiple Gmail accounts — switching between them as you find convenient and, you only need to get into the Chrome extension to turn off the tracking whenever you want to.

4. Technology Checker


You’ve probably had one of those moments when you liked a website’s design and outlay so much that you wondered what CMS or other technologies they were using. Well, with Snovio, being clueless about whatever tech the competitors are using is going to be a pain of the past.

Technology Checker

This works in two ways. The Chrome extension of Snovio gives you info concerning the technology used on a website you’ve visited, its web app, on the other hand, searches the millions of websites in the Snovio database in order to find websites in bulk. Going a step further, it is also able to put you in contact with the webmaster or whoever may be in charge of running certain technologies on websites.

For marketers, sales reps, designers, recruiters, web architects, and designers, as well as startups and anyone or organization that relies on email outreach or outbound research, Snovio Technology Checker offers the perfect solution. Its straight to the point approach results in being able to cut down the time it normally would have taken to find and collect relevant leads and candidates.

Snovio also provides contact data and outreach tools for users. In the end, it helps you find just the people you need so that you can directly take your idea right to their inbox.

5. Snovio API

The extension’s features are available through their simple REST API. Some benefits of integrating with the Snovio API are as follows:

— Being able to retrieve information in regards to the number of email addresses associated with any particular domain(s) from the Snovio database.

— Getting lists of all emails associated with a domain. Being able to find email addresses by one’s first or last name and domain name. And it can be used as well to verify emails. Integrating with the Snovio API enables you to sync the processes of lead generation.

With the API, you can do a lot more things. For example, with the Email Verifier, should the system be unable to provide verification results for an address via the existing database, you are able to try pushing the email address in question for verification — using this API method. After performing this action you can receive the verification results using the Email Verifier again.

Final Chord

Snovio is an all-in-one automation platform that helps users save time reaching leads. All the steps of email marketing and sales can be performed within the only platform: search of email addresses and their verification, automated triggered sending, and email tracking.


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