The taste of having something at a lower price is very impressive that you want to try it again and again.

If you have a flashback for around five years, then you would see that the flights were not as cheap as it is today. It is a drastic change in the whole long haul transportation industry. Since the last decade, there has been a phenomenal change in terms of flights ticket prices.

There many airline brands and companies have launched. There has been a cut-throat price competition between them. Also, in the case of the value-added services, features, benefits they are competing with each other. But at the end of the day, there is a massive chunk of people who are able to enjoy flights at a cheaper cost.

You have a look at the prices of the American airlines tickets, the Indian airline tickets, or even below that the developed countries like Somalia, etc. have a similar scenario going on. But the point to be surprised here is, few of these airlines are not even doing well. Few have already dropped down the airline business while not being able to manage the lower cost airline issues.

But there is a set of companies, say it in the US, Africa, Asia and everywhere who are booming significantly in the low-cost airline business. Moreover, if you are planning your trip with your favourite airline, consider booking your flight ticket hassle-free from that has access to nearly 450 airlines and provides the best air travel services. They provide various offers and deals which can further reduce the flight fares.

Our focus is your benefits. Hence, we research on the fundamentals to save your money while you travel by airlines. So giving it a read may save you a hundred bucks of dollars in your next travel. Cheers!!!

12 Tips to Save Money On Your Next Flight!!!

Have you ever tried to read some relevant hacks on this topic?

You always think that your flight expense is going beyond your limits. Even when you try low-cost flights, the fluctuation of the prices sometimes take it, and you get to hold back.

Well, here are some tips that can let you save some bucks in your wallet while booking your flight ticket.

Select the right website

You probably know that there are many websites which do sell flights, and train tickets online. Online tickets selling has become so majorly populated that you hardly see anyone standing in the queue for buying tickets.

The big reason for these websites is getting good traffic because they are giving lucrative discounts on flight fares. All these websites are running on their league to providing better services and offering the best possible cheapest tickets for you.

If you have a look at these best flight ticket booking websites, then you can grab the cheapest ticket for your next flight.

Become a loyal flier 

If you are not a frequent flier, then you might not be aware of a particular fact. If you are a frequent flier of an individual airline, then there are lots of benefits which you start getting after a point of time.

Majority of the big airlines have their cards providing different programs. There are several types of cards that loyal customers get offered by various airlines. You can be a platinum card winner or gold or silver. Each card has its own benefits where one can make the best out of them.

Some points get redeemed, and you can order several value-added services with that while flying. You will get decent discounts on flight fares directly from that airline. So you don’t need to be depended on any third party. There are free upgrades with those cards and also some great post-service perks.

Explore the Coupon Code World 

Hope somehow at least for one time while booking your flight ticket by an agency you have seen them giving discounts. You might be thinking that they only get such discounts to avail on the cards. But you can also do it.

There are many websites which sell coupons for lots of different types of tickets. You can visit some of the best sites for getting a coupon. Such websites are always up to date for visitors and customers that they can have the best out of them.

This system goes like, you have to land up in any website that gives you the option of booking flight tickets. Then just while booking your tickets, in the process, you will see a section where there will be a blank box asking, “Do you have any coupon.” Just put your coupon code number there and get the deal successfully.

The benefits of a coupon code are –

  • You can get flights at cheaper costs than usual.
  • You can apply it anytime and anywhere.
  • These codes have vast availability, so no need to worry. You are never late to order a coupon code from the authorized website.

The drawbacks are

  • These coupon codes have expiry dates.
  • Such coupons can be used one time only.
  • There are restrictions in terms of the brand of airline, country, or maybe even in the state province, you are living.

So while buying any coupon code, you have to be cautious regarding the mentioned aspects.

Be a pro: Early bird gets the worm 

Hope you have heard that phrase! The airline industry is very crucial. They charge on behalf of timing.

It doesn’t matter if you are travelling within your state and for a little while, if you book a flight, at last, minute, then you would pay a big buck for this.

The airline has a system where if you book tickets first you get tickets at a lower price. So plan your travel accordingly.

Be a pro. If you can book your ticket just before 60 days i.e., two months of the journey date, then you will get it three times cheaper than the person who is booking it before two weeks.

Join a flier Program 

If you like any specific airline, then it’s very convenient for you to join their flier program.

Every airline has their own set of programs for their customers. Majority of such groups are created to get the customer benefited in terms –

  • Booking hotels.
  • You are ordering food.
  • Booking Lounge.
  • Booking flight tickets.
  • Baggage allowances.
  • Other benefits.

If you get yourself subscribed to any such program with any airline, many surprises for you is assured.

Analyze before booking 

It may so happen that you are in a hurry while booking your tickets. And at that rush, you end up getting an overpriced ticket while you could get it at a far lower price.

Anytime before booking flights, compare portals where you are booking. Instead of just going to a website and getting the ticket done within a matter of seconds, visit three more websites which are providing the same tickets. Check their prices and other benefits, then only confirm your booking.

Be an Offer Junkie 

It is a time when people are using multiple apps for one reason in their smartphones. If we are not wrong, then you might be on the same board.

In this case, if you have let’s say three different apps for flight ticket booking, then have a look at the notification section of those apps. Instant ads are popping up with latest deals on flight tickets.

For example, right now you can get a notification “book your next flight right now and get up to 90% cash back”. Just go for it. Your flight may be after 1 – 2 months, but you should book it.

You deserve a travel credit card 

Travel credit cards are those which allows you to explore your traveling anytime at any cost. Issuing such a card for you saves your money in the long term, and you are not supposed to spend big bucks at a single point of time.

In such credits cards, there is also a redeem program which let you redeem your travel rewards, and you can grab different kinds of stuff.

Avoid traveling at high seasons 

Flight tickets are very much dependent based on timings you are booking it.

If you got to go somewhere in the festive session, then you got to pay big bucks for it. Hence we recommend you to avoid traveling during the peak seasons like Christmas, New Year and so on.

Plan your flight dates on midweek 

During the midweek, the ticket pricing is comparatively low. Hence this is a better choice to get to the destination.

Catch the non-desirable flights 

If you are a frequent traveler, then you might have seen that flights that are departing at the late night, or early morning are not desirable to a lot of people.

The traffic is low on those flights, and also you can book it easily. Hence the prices are lower than the usual.

Give yourself a limit on carrying the luggage 

You might be knowing that if your luggage goes excessive over the airline limits, then you got to pay an extra charge.

Same way if you are not taking the check-in luggage facility, then they cut your flight costs down. So if you don’t need to carry big luggage then don’t. It will let you save some bucks.


There are more ways by which you can save money on your next flight. To know more, keep in touch and subscribe with us. It will help us to send you a notification whenever something comes of your interest.


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