For anyone who does not know, Discord is a platform that is used for creating communities by allowing digital distribution, instant messaging, and VoIP. It has more than 140 million active users monthly. Discord is available in web browsers, Linux, iPad, iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

One of the features of discord is that it lets hide the message. The use of Discord Spoiler has increased off late. It allows marking messages as spoilers. There are times when one person wants to share details about some movie which the others have not seen in the group.

So, this is when a spoiler on discord comes to the rescue. Only people who are fine with spoiler texts can open it, others are free to ignore it. The message marked as a spoiler is covered with a solid block and only the one who taps it can unblock and see the message. So this article will talk about “How to do spoilers in discord” and many other related topics.

How To Use Spoilers On Discord Application On iOS Mobile Phone?

Below mentioned are few steps that tell how to mark a message as a spoiler.

  1. Type the text that needs to be marked as a spoiler but does not send it.
  2. The part of the text that has a spoiler needs to be highlighted. It is not mandatory to mark the entire message as a spoiler but only the part that has the critical information can be marked as a spoiler.
  • Once highlighted, click on the “>” option from the menu and select “Mark as spoiler”
  1. A spoiler tag would be added by a discord in the highlighted text
  2. Send the message

Only the one who taps on the highlighted part will be able to see the message.

How To Hide Text In Discord?

The three methods to hide text or add a discord tag are:

  • Use /spoiler Keyword

This is one of the easiest ways to mark a text or a part of it as a spoiler. One just needs to add “/spoiler” before the sentence.

For example, the sentence is Today is Monday, so all one has to do is add /spoiler before it. “/spoiler Hidden message coming” will be the message that people receive.

This method can be used in mac devices, desktop app as well as a mobile app.

  • Use || symbol

Add the symbol “||” before the start and end of the text.

For example, if the sentence is “Today is Monday” then to hide this one has to type

|| Today is Monday ||

  • Use Highlighting

The above two methods are generally used for adding a spoiler tag but one can use highlighting as well.

  • Highlight the text that needs to be hidden using the mouse or keyboard
  • A pop-up menu will appear from which the eye symbol located on the rightmost side needs to be selected.
  • The highlighted message is now hidden

How to hide images in discord?

Similar to the messages, even images can be hidden. But the process is different and it cannot be done using a mobile phone. A Mac device or windows app is needed to do the same. Here are the steps that need to be followed to hide an image.

  1. Drag the image or file that needs to be sent in the server chat or click on the “+” symbol add select whatever needs to be sent
  2. The image that needs to be sent is previewed
  • Below the image, the “Mark as spoiler” checkbox will be available
  1. Select the option and send the image
  2. Instead of the image, “spoiler” would appear over a hazy image. If one wants to see it, one will have to click on it.

If there are captions as well in the image, the text hide discord methods need to be used as well.

This guide can help one to hide text, images, and videos easily.


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