How to do if forget login password on Windows 10 computer

forget login password windows 10

Most people have the same problem that they forget their Windows 10 login password because nowadays every software or sites gives you login password so it’s difficult to remember all the passwords. If you also forgot your Windows 10 log in password, then, you cannot use your computer and also not be able to install any software.
In this situation, you have some options to get access like reset password and there are many free and paid tools are available in the market that will help you to reset or recover your Windows 10 login password. In this article, I will tell you different methods to reset your Windows 10 login password of your computer.

Method 1: Login With Other Sign In option On Windows computer

If you have another administrator account then there is a good chance to change your previous account password with the help of command prompt. This password reset option is not a proper way but it works sometimes. You can reset your password with the help of command prompt.
Start your computer with the other login password and press on windows icon and type command prompt to search the command prompt then open it with run as administrator by right click on it. To reset your password you have to type the different commands on command prompt and press the enter from your keyboard. Replace the account name and new password with new username and password.


Method 2: Reset Windows 10 Password With iSeepassword

This tool is the best-paid tool to recover or reset your windows 10 login password, you can get some tutorials of iSeepassword from Google, just like this one .iSeepassword helps you to unlock the computer that you locked by forgotten your password By using the bootable disk, before doing it, you need to burn the bootable image to DVD/CD or any external storage like a USB drive. After starting the software you can see your all local accounts of your Windows 10.
Now you have to simply select your account and click on the Reset Password option. This tool will check your account that you select, and reset your forgotten password and account on your computer, you can get into your computer after all the program are finished in a few seconds.

Method 3: Reset Windows 10 Password With the Help Of Microsoft

Microsoft account is not only the Windows 10 login user but it’s also a user account with the help of this account you can log in lots of Microsoft products and services. So if you are facing the problem that suddenly you forgot your password then don’t worry. With the help of Microsoft, you can reset your login password now just you need to go the site https://account.live.com/password/reset
When the Microsoft page is open then select the “I forgot password” option and click next. After this new page will open where you have to enter your email address and also special characters for the security reasons and click next.
Now its time to select a way to get security code it is your choice that you choose that Send a code to my phone or email address and click on send code button. Enter the code that you receive from Microsoft and click next. Now you have to set your new password. After this, your password will be changed and login to your computer with a new password.
Any method in this article can help you reset or set a new password on your Windows 10, iSeepassword is one of the most popular tools, because it doesn’t have any restrictions, it’s simple and fast,It only took me 10 minutes to finish all the programs, and it also supports password recovery for other OS devices.
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