An Introduction to Bathroom Decor

The bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, but its decor is so important. Getting the style, composition and feel right can make the difference between drab and dazzling.
You probably spend more time that you want to think about in the bathroom, and it’s pretty much the one place that visitors are guaranteed to visit when they come over! So it makes sense to give this vital room a bit of attention. Move over kitchen makeovers, the time of the bathroom has arrived!
Bathroom decor requires creativity, due diligence and the ability to reason practically. However, most people find these three aspects difficult and challenging. An ideal way to keep everything in one place and feed your creativity is to use software to design your bathroom and its decor.

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Bathroom Decor Softwares

There are many software options to choose from. both free and paid that can help you design the perfect bathroom. Some of my favorites include Room Sketcher( Free),  Smart Draw (Paid) and  Tile 3D Bathroom Designs (Paid). There are a lot more out there too. Whilst there are many advantages and disadvantages to these particular programs I mentioned, the trick is to find one that suits your needs in terms of ease of use, accessibility, affordability and preference.

Four Tips to help with bathroom decor

Once you have trialled and tested the best software suitable for you, here are four things to keep in mind that will help you when designing your bathroom decor and planning out space.

1.     Create a mood board

A mood board is a collage or collection of pictures that includes a combination of designs and bathroom pieces that you like the look of. By creating this collage, you get to understand which aesthetics work for you, allowing you to visualise creatively the type and style of bathroom you want. It is easy to create offline by collecting a range of newspapers, magazines and bathroom pamphlets and getting a sheet of A3 paper to create your mood board. Should you wish to create a digitals mood board, create a Word document or Google Sheets and paste pictures that inspire and imitate the bathroom aesthetic that you want.

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2.     Create colour swatches

To begin a colour swatch, choose the colours that you think complement each other and create a range of complementary colour schemes that you believe will suit your bathroom. Once the colour swatches have been created, review them accordingly and begin to apply the various colors on your bathroom decor software. There are many free sites that you can use to create the HTML colour swatches for unique bathroom designs.

3.     Create a list of fittings

Once you have established a visual starting point with your mood boards and colour swatches, begin to write a definitive list of fittings that you want your bathroom to have. Explore different toilet seats, shower appliances, bathtubs, floor tile and of course heated towel rails (personally I love the options available at  Trade Radiators).

4.     Consider the key trends and movements

With your mood board, colour swatches and fittings list creed you have the key building blocks to designing your ideal bathroom. Now is the time to firm up which aesthetic direction, architecture styles or trend your dream bathroom wants to go. Will you be borrowing from the art of minimalist design? Will you create an art deco bathroom, or will you prefer a more contemporary design to suit your home?
I hope this gives you an idea of how you can design the perfect bathroom online with ease. Happy designing and I wish you a delightful bathroom!

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