A logo is a symbol made up of texts and iconic graphics to identify a brand and distinguish it from other brands.

Without a logo, a brand is incomplete. All famous brands have a creative logo, such as, Starbucks siren logo, Apple logo, Nike logo, etc.

Logo looks simple but the design phase is not. Even professional designers can have headaches when designing logos.

For normal guys, is there any feasible ways to make an effective logo easily? Definitely, we are sharing a way in article. But in the first place, let’s understand some basics about logos.

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What Are The Key Elements of a Logo?

Key elements of a logo include 3 key elements: Proper logo design idea, Logo design, and Color scheme.

To have a proper logo design idea, you must insightfully brainstorm something important from your brand and business. Try to use some symbols to resemble them in your design.

Logo design is another factor for an effective logo. After finding some elements for your logo, you need to compose them neatly in design, and make them look beautiful. And this process requires professionalism and creativity.

Just with an excellent logo idea and beautiful logo design, you can barely make a cool logo with a bad color scheme. There lie some wits & color scheme rules to choose your logo colors well.

The Easy Steps to Create an Effective Logo

Timeless logo design is the ultimate goal for a successful logo. Effective logo design won’t allows you to change your logo design greatly (including logo fonts, colors, design).

When you lack design ideas, or are simply not good at design, we’ll introduce you an online helper – DesignEvo logo maker, which we reviewed earlier. DesignEvo will make it a lot easier but still render you professional results, with more powerful features.

Register a free account at DesignEvo home page, and it will allow you to download & save all your logo designs. Also, save your favorite logo templates to your account.

Click [Make a Free Logo], you will enter the interface of templates. You can search for any keywords to find your liked logo templates from 10,000+ designer-tailored logo ideas.

The Easy Steps to Create an Effective Logo

By clicking any template, you’ll be in logo design phase. Paste your company name and slogan according.

Designing and customizing is of great ease: Just select an element on the canvas, then all of its changeable options will be found on the top design bar. Rest works can be finished quickly by clicks and picks.

The Easy Steps to Create an Effective Logo

After finishing your design, [Preview] button will present you 6 scenarios with your logo showing. You can fast know whether it’s the logo you want without downloading it for real.

Want a Free Logo? Higher-Res Logo? Or Vectorized Logo?

As long as you use DesignEvo, it’s handy to download your logo without watermark to your local computer.

There are 3 portals to download your design logo: Free, Basic Payment, and Plus Payment. With little payoff, you will have 5000×5000 high-res logo or SVG & PDF image files:

In design interface, hit [Dowload] > Choose a logo plan > [Pay and Download Now].

The Easy Steps to Create an Effective Logo

Explicitly, Basic plan will give you logo images in your chosen size, and 5000*5000 high-res logo images. Basic plan is an ideal solution for webmasters and bloggers, as it has PNG-transparent – the best option for webs.

Plus plan is the ultimate solution for logo design, and it has everything in a Basic plan. Exclusively, Plus plan will render you vector image files, including PDF and SVG. You’ll own the copyright for your designed logo with Plus plan.

What Are The Most Common Logo Design Mistakes?

To make an effective logo, you have to grasp some tricks in DesignEvo. These tricks will prevent you from making logo design mistakes, such as:

  • Avoid intricate design and too much information in your design.
  • Logo style error – You can’t use a child-style logo for a library web or blog.
  • Right color scheme – For children-related logos, you need to use colorful color scheme. (e.g., Black &White will not be proper for child logo.)
  • All these mistakes can be avoided as long as you follow the tricks:
  • Before designing a logo, try searching more related keywords to find your logo templates correctly.
  • If you are not professional, we suggest you not change the default logo font.
  • If you like to change the logo color, it’s better to use the colors that’s already on the design, and it won’t render any wrong color.

Obeying the rules above, you can generate any effective logo you want with DesignEvo, without difficulty.

Last Words

Logo is key to brand and market. Do you find these tips on how to make an effective logo useful? How do you find DesignEvo easy to make your logo? Your feedback is always precious to us.

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