Customers that come to your offices need to feel like this is a place they want to spend time.  How your office looks and feels says a lot about your company culture and vibe and in many ways, it enhances customer loyalty.  Even if it’s a word of mouth type of experience where the customer themselves haven’t been to the office but know of people or even employees who have and report favourably on it, this too has an impact on ensuring a positive brand association.  By focusing on a few important aspects of your customers’ experience it will go a long way to building a solid reputation.  Here are some tips for creating a welcoming office environment.

The flooring

Lacquering wood floors. Use roller for coating floors.

Flooring makes up a large amount of the office space and it normally underestimated in its importance.  Because it is, in fact, a huge portion of the whole, it is important that options are carefully considered.  Depending on what your company does, what atmosphere you want to create and how much foot traffic you receive will determines what you want to put down on the floors.  There is the option of wooden floors, but this can be difficult to maintain and incurs great wear and team.  The use of decorative tiles Brisbane has several outlets who can supply these can be a great option.  The variety of selection available has grown rapidly over the last decade and there are some spectacular options to choose from.  You can go plain and simple, but then be sure to spark it up with the finishes.  Or if you have elaborated and striking floor tiles, then keep the finishes plain and simple.

The welcome and waiting area

The welcome and waiting area
Waiting area

The way you are made to feel while waiting to see whomever you have come to visit or meet with is an important time in the life of a visitor’s experience.  Be sure to have procedures put into place and secretaries or reception people upskilled in what the correct way is of engaging with someone when they arrive.  If a person needs to wait for someone, ensure that coffee and tea are offered, and the public bathroom is clean and easily accessible.  Coffee booths also work where people can help themselves, but make sure that this is expressed because people won’t feel comfortable helping themselves unless this option has been presented to them.  And if you do offer coffee, try make budget for quality coffee and not the cheap stuff.  It speaks volumes about the value your company places on its customers.

See to the detail

Everything must work and be in good condition.  If you’ve invested in fancy flooring and finishes and even repainted, don’t forget to continue the maintenance.  It can be very telling if you visit an office and find the furniture edges fraying and the letters of signs scratched off or rusted.  Small marks in the bathroom need to be cleaned and touch-ups are done.  If areas, especially in the bathrooms are beginning to stain, then replace that.  Make sure taps aren’t leaking, glass windows and doors are clean of handprints and general wear and tear are dealt with.

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