Yes, sometimes you need to convert JPG images to SVG vectors for printable images and even to design interactive web pages. Unlike raster image formats like PNG, JPG, or JPEG, and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) format remains crisp and clear at any size or resolution. No doubt that JPG to SVG converter is the best way to turn JPG into SVG vector images without any quality loss. However, JPG regular images lose sharpness when they’re magnified to larger sizes.

Well, converting JPG files into an SVG vector format looks like a daunting task. But thankfully we will tell you how to convert JPG to SVG file in simple, but best ways!

Read on!

How to Convert JPG to SVG Using Inkscape?

Unlike Bitmap graphic editors like Photoshop and Gimp, Inkscape assists you in storing and displaying vector files that are packed with mathematical descriptions of objects. An Inkscape indicated as the best JPG to SVG converter that works best to save JPG as an SVG vector graphic format:

Turn JPG into SVG with Inkscape:

  • At first, you have to launch the Inkscape and start a new project
  • Now, you have to import the JPG image file that you need to convert
  • Very next, you need to simply resize the image to fit your particular page – all you need to hold down Ctrl while simply changing the size to retain the aspect ratio
  • Now, you have to make a click on the Path that you find on the top toolbar and choose Trace Bitmap
  • Then, you ought to choose the specific settings after the Trace Bitmap box pops up
  • Now, you simply need to check the box next to the Live Preview to check your image file
  • Then, just choose the OK if you are agreed with image vectorization and then simply close the pop-up window

Thanks to this JPG to SVG converter that provides you with quality SVG converted file. You can see that your new SVG vector image will be placed at the top of the old one, so you ought to drag it off the original and then delete the old JPG image. Once done, make a click on File, then Save As, and choose your file name.

How to convert JPG to SVG online?

Well, it is indicated as the easiest way for converting a single or batch of JPGs into SVG vector files. A free JPG to SVG converter by theonlineconverter.com offers a three-step process to convert JPG image to SVG vector files online while preserving the original quality. If you’re wondering how to use this online image to SVG converter, here it is:


Navigate to theonlineconverter.com, and then upload your JPG images online into the designated box of this online JPG to SVG converter or (simple make drag and drop your files)


Once your JPG image files are uploaded, you need to tap on the “Convert” button to proceed further. Very next, you have to wait a few moments until this best JPG to SVG converter finishes the conversion process


Once the conversion is completed, download your SVG’s files right now. You just have to hit the Download Zip file button to save JPG images as an SVG vector file on your system within no time

Thankfully, this JPEG to SVG converter also lets you convert single or multiple JPEG images to vector SVG files without distorting the quality.

How to convert JPG to SVG using Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator also serves you like the best JPG to SVG converter, but few lengthy processes, let’s find:



First of all, you need to select the JPG image that you need to convert into an SVG vector file and upload it into illustrator. To attain better outcomes, you have to upload white or transparent background images, even single subject photos instead of a landscape one


Now, you have to find the Trace option, which helps you in vectorizing your image file. This tool is placed on the top of your illustrator window. Very next, you need to make a click on the image trace button and choose the preset from the given drop-down list. You can see that once the right preset is selected, tracing will begin


Once you make a click on the preferred preset, the particular image will go through the tracing process. The image will remain the same, but it will just become a lot sharper


Then, you have to open the Image Trace Panel to simply tune the conversion. Now, adjust the settings for colors and mode, and if you need to re-use them, it’s best to hit the Manage Presets button. Very next, you ought to save your settings as a new preset


Color grouping is the crucial step in the process of “how to convert JPG to SVG”. You ought to choose your trace image file and make an instant click on the Expand button. By doing so, all the shapes are outlined in blue. Don’t fret as this button is placed at the top of the window. Then, you just need to make a right-click on the image and choose the ungroup option from the provided menu. You can see that this will entirely separate color shapes into individual parts


This is the final step to save JPG as an SVG file format. You simply have ahead to the File option, then simply select the Export and Export as an option. Now, find the SVG vector file format and make a click on it. At last, hit the given Save button

Thankfully, you come to know how you can convert JPG images into SVG vector files. No doubt that Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape are best for vector artwork representation, but when it comes to instant and quality conversions, online JPG to SVG converter makes the sense.

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