control smartphone heat

The internal temperature of your mobile device is set according to the temperature of the smartphone’s environment.

If your mobile phone gets too hot, it can result in some issues like compulsory shutdown, battery drain, and even a full malfunction sometimes.

You will be shocked to find out that when a mobile device begins to overheat, its CPU can actually meltdown. In certain scenarios, when a smartphone overheats, it can make it unable to restart.

To make sure you do not find yourself in this kind of situation here is How to control your smartphone’s heat:

1. Keep your smartphone away from direct sunlight

Always make sure your phone is never under direct sunlight. I know sometimes you might be walking under the sun while you use it, but this act can damage it. The mobile device can absorb light and heat from this sun and this will result in overheating.

2. Disable unused applications

Always remember to disable unused applications on your mobile device. Make sure apps that you are not making use of do not keep running in the background.

It can use up a heavy percentage of your battery and even cause the temperature to increase on your device. It is easy to take care of this. On an iOS device, simply press the home button two times. Scroll away the applications.

When you close the unused applications, it will preserve your battery life and decrease how hard your device has to work, and by so doing, overheating will be minimal.

control smartphone heat

3. Keep brightness at minimum

Make sure your brightness is not increased beyond a reasonable level. Rather than doing that, purchase a glare screen. Increasing the brightness will have a negative effect on the battery but a glare screen will allow you to use the device conveniently even when you are walking in the bright dub

4. Set the device in Airplane mode

When the mobile device is no longer in use, you can set it to Airplane or just power it off. Not to worry, if the smartphone is set to Airplane mode, you will still be able to use the simple utilities. The Airplane mode does a lot to stop overheating.

5. Remove the phone’s case

If your phone overheats a lot, taking off the case and keeping the device out for a while can help. When the case is taken off, the device’s heat goes away and the smartphone will cool off as soon as possible.


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