There’s no better way to transfer your documents, than by sending them through emails, right? However, you might get bothered by the memory limit that your emails hold. I know you’ve encountered this situation at least once, where you were trying to send a document or pdf files to a peer, and it wasn’t sent because of the limit. The solution to that is compressing!
You might think that converting your original document might lessen the data that gets processed. Sometimes, the opposite may occur, making your pdf file have a larger memory compared to the original document you wanted to convert. Why this happens, I have no clue myself, but I do know that compressing your pdf file may be of use!
Okay, but why should you start converting your documents into pdf files in the first place? Well, pdf stands for portable document format meaning your document should be able to be viewed by any and every device you choose. So you can review any of the reports and documents you wrote on your phone or tablet without it stressing your device’s memory.

The Most Important Step Before Compressing PDF Files

What’s the most crucial step you need to do before you even start to compress pdf files? Well, you need to convert your documents into pdf files, of course! There’s no better place for you to do it other than pdfbear.com because you can convert, compress, revert, and even merge pdf files for free and with ease! There are other online document converters, though.

Compressing Your PDF Files Online

There’s no better free solution to compressing your pdf files than using the tools that the internet offers! You just select the files you want to compress, run it through an online tool, then get it downloaded. You are well on your way to attaching compressed pdf files in the emails you send to your colleagues and peers. Not much manual labor, so less stress.
Keep in mind that you need to check the reliability of the online tool that you are using, make sure it has lots of positive user reviews, and is quite well-known. Otherwise, you might be using an ineffective pdf compressor, and you might not even get your file compressed as much as you’d like. Some online tools can compress only about 30% compared to a greater 40%.


Compressing PDF Files On-The-Go

There are even some online compressing tools that enable you to take their services on the go with a simple premium subscription. Through the cloud drives that they use, you can start your file compression on your laptop then still have access to it on your phone or tablet, which is extremely convenient. Though they might require you to create an account, first.


The bottom line of this is; if you compress your pdf files, you are already turning a memory-saving file into a smaller one, but they still hold the same content. This is ideal for attaching documents to the emails you send, or maybe even saving some space for your flash drive whenever you’re transferring files between your computer to another.


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