The current market is full of both fake and genuine CBD products. The market is inundated with so many brands that it becomes hard to select the most reliable product. Eagle Moon Hemp aims at consumer satisfaction and safety. The following factors should be strongly considered when deciding the best hemp CBD flower to buy.

Cultivation process

Cultivation is vital in deciding which CBD you will buy, having the highest THC content in hemp flowers. Hemp flowers have different potencies and quantities of CBD. The difference depends on where and how they were grown. Research shows that indoor farming is the best practice in cultivating hemp flowers.

The potency and quantity of CBD in these flowers are higher than those grown outdoors. The organically famed flowers give pure CBD flowers free from pesticides and insecticides.


Hemp flowers do not have the same harmful chemicals or allergens like metals and pesticides. However, flowers are raw herbs, so they can have dangerous components and chemical strains. The compounds in them might be harmful, so be sure to check the ingredients used in the manufacturing of these flowers and ensure that the THC level is no more than 0.3%.

Consumption methods

CBD flowers can be used in a variety of ways: smoking, cooking, or vaping. Before buying, be sure to check the consumption methods given on the seller’s website. Receiving the flowers in rolled forms are the easiest and are great for smoking.

If the preferred method of consumption is digestion, slightly cook the flowers using oil or butter. Use the infused butter or oil to make tasty treats like brownies and cookies. Remember, never eat the flowers raw.

Dosage instructions

Use the brands’ website to check dosage instructions before you buy any CBD flower product. Only buy the flowers that have a dosage level that you can manage.

Lab test reports

CBD flowers that have lab reports from third-party labs are the most credible. The results will guarantee you safety, efficacy, and quality products.

Hemp strain choice

Hemp flower brands offer a myriad of CBD flower strains. Avid hemp flower users may only use one type of strain, but there are so many new options available in the market.

Pricing and packaging

Always go for the brands that are budget-friendly as they offer the best options. Breaking the bank should never be an option. Choose the brands with better discounts and deals when searching online. After delivery, check the packaging to ensure there are no torn seals or packets.

If you do find any evidence of damages, return the product and ask for a refund immediately.

Shipping policies

Before placing an order, check the brand shipping policies on the website to see if they can ship to your area.


The above factors will make you get the best CBD flower from legitimate sellers. Before you consume the flowers, you should consult your physician.


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