How to buy MTN Turbonet device in Ghana

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how to buy MTN Turbonet

If you want to know how to buy MTN Turbonet device presently in Ghana, follow the guide below and trust us to deliver.

The quest to provide faster and cheaper internet services to users, birthed the idea of MTNTurbonet by the telecommunication giant, MTN. This is to serve as an alternative to the already existing fibre broadband.

The MTNTurbonet devices have been in the system well over six months preceding its official launch in mid-2019.

MTN TurboNet is a plug-and-play super high-speed 4G Internet router. It comes with a high-powered external antenna and data SIM that enables it to deliver fast Internet in 4G locations. This simply means that to enjoy the service, you must be within MTN’s 4G coverage area. 

TurboNet provides instant high-speed Internet for up to 32 users simultaneously. 

Device features:

  • Connect up to 32 users at a time
  • Plug & Play 4G router
  • 1 x Landline phone port
  • AC powered
  • Two connectors for an external router
  • 4 x LAN ports (One for LAN/WAN)

It is important to point out that the device is not readily available to individuals but rather to registered businesses. This could mean that MTN wants to now control the number of users on its spectrum.

How to buy MTNTurbonet

MTNTurbonet device
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You can always buy your MTNTurbonet device online at GHS 880 or walk into any of their offices.

Since the device is only available for purchase to registered companies and businesses, there are some basic requirements to fulfilltoo own one.

Online application to purchase MTNTurbonet device

You can visit the official MTN website to purchase your MTN Turbonet device. You will be required to provide certain information for your online application. Such details are;

  • Your name and Surname
  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Email address 
  • Work and personal contact numbers

Afterward, you will be required to agree to the terms and conditions. 

Once your application is received, you will be notified of the following; 

  • Call from call Centre agent to verify and obtain further information once your form is submitted.
  • Subject to a credit vetting process and by submitting this form you are agreeing to be subject to a credit vet.
  •  Required to provide additional documents for a contract application.
  •  Required to sign a contract (subscriber agreement) once the call centre agent advises you of a successful application.

Additional documents to submit include but are not limited to your business type certificate, letter of request for the purchase on the company’s letterhead, and the Ghana card of the personpurchasinge in favour of the company.

 For instance, the company secretary or a manager of the company who walks in after submission of the forms online will have to make this submission to the MTN Agent at the office.

This means that after online submission, it is mandatory to walk in for collection of your device after the necessary due diligence is conducted.

Your company’s number can be linked to that of the device at the office after purchase. 

Walk-in process

You can walk into any of MTN’s offices to get your MTN Turbonet device. 

(Image Credit: JBKlutse)

Unlike the online application where you submit a form together with the required documents uploaded, a walk-in process will only have you submit the forms physically to your MTN agent and have the device delivered to you instantly once all requirements are met.

We advise that a more expedient way to buy the device will be to walk into any of their offices. This is because even after the online application you are mandated to walk in physically to register with a Ghana card and submit other supporting documents upon request.

Also, it is the most convenient way because you can also get the opportunity to link your business number to the device easily with the assistance of your assigned agent.

We want to bring to your attention that the price (GHS499) of the device quoted on the MTN official website is the old price for individual users. 

However, the current price at the time of writing this article is GHS880 only available for purchase by businesses.

Benefits of MTN Turbonet device

Upon purchase, you will enjoy 5GBof data for one month.

It is a lot faster than that of the old device which was available to private individuals.

You will also enjoy;

1. Unbeatable data plans valid for 30 days with the option to rollover

2. Super high speed and a reliable internet connection

3. An external antenna to enhance internet connection

4. Self-service accessible from the router and voice-enabled feature for calls.

In-road for individual users 

We have observed that since the purchase of the device is restricted to only registered businesses in Ghana, people have devised ways to also enjoy the benefits MTN Turbonet provides to businesses.

A lot of people now sell their devices which they bought originally at GHS499 when it was initially rolled out, as high as GHS1,500O.

Some have also sold it to their friends who need it badly at really reasonable prices.

Let us also know if you own an MTN turbonet device and would like to sell it. You can put your contact details in the comment section below or you can alternatively send us an email.

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