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Congratulations, you have decided. You have made up your mind to ignore your smartphone more often, focus on the world around you and ensure your phone addiction is a thing of the past once and for all.

Way to go but how do you go about that?

Taking the decision is one thing, however, knowing the right steps to take to achieve what you want can be a bit difficult, which is why we came up with vital instructions to show you How to break your Phone addiction:

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1. Monitor Your Phone Time

Nothing is more important when it comes to behavioral changes than knowing how much time you are actually using up on your smartphone on a daily basis. eMarketer’s report 3 years ago revealed that the average phone owner spends 4 solid hours, 5 minutes every day on his or her mobile device. Monitor your phone time automatically and view which applications you make use of the most with the Moment app. If you discover that the time spent on your phone is way too much, you are allowed to set restrictions every day and the app will inform you when you are crossing your limit. It even has a setting that will compel you to power off your device if you start to use it excessively.

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2. Give Your Home Screen A Makeover

Time Well Spent adviced phone users on how to go about this. The organization said, before anything else, move your time-consuming apps like social media, Instagram, e.t.c to the back page of your mobile device and keep just your utility apps like calendar, weather, etc in front. Better still, get rid of these distracting apps altogether. After that, head to Settings > Notifications and disable app notifications you do not really need. This might be a very hard thing to do, but it will be worth it.

break Phone addiction

3. Take Control

After wrapping up the basics, you can now install some applications that can assist you to reduce your concentration on your phone and focus on the real world. An amazing option is Giantgood. This app assists you to take meaningful steps on a daily basis, it functions like your personal trainer that inspires you to take little but meaningful decisions every day of your life. You will see suggestions like “Reach out to a friend,” “Take a stroll after supper,” or “Purchase a bread for a stranger.” that will make you a better person. It is available for your Android and iOS devices.

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4. Move Out

For some people, it is very simple to get addicted to social media, texting or even Candy Crush. It gets so bad that these people shun any relationship with the outside world. To help with that, Strava is a decent application that will assist you to disconnect from your smartphone and connect to the outside world. You can use this app to monitor the time, pace, and distance of your hikes, runs, or rides and to link up with other active people around you. By so doing, you are freeing yourself bit by bit.

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5. Tune In For A Tech-Free Dinner

The Dinnermode application aids you to break your phone addiction by challenging you to ignore your smartphone when you are having your supper – but it is so useful for whenever you crave for a tech-free experience. How it works is straightforward. You only have to decide on the period of time you wish to be without your smartphone – it could be fifteen minutes, half an hour, or 60 minutes, your mobile device will then ask you to turn it upside down on a flat surface. If you touch your device before the timer is over, you have failed the Dinnermode challenge!

David Folami is from Nigeria, Ogun State to be precise. He is a tech lover and an upcoming musician. He works as a content writer for JBKlutse where he covers technology and lifestyle news. He adores a productive time online.

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