Software developers are becoming highly sought after in the Nigerian digital world, so it is understandable that this career is attracting a lot of attention.

All kinds of businesses out there, be it small or big, are currently striving to have a site, mobile app, mailing system, digital marketing system e.t.c, and it is common knowledge that all these can only be done and managed by software developers.

If you fancy this occupation as a Nigerian, see how to become a software developer in Nigeria.

1. Pursue a degree in a Bachelor’s program

Expectedly, a regular path that leads to becoming a software developer in Nigeria is getting a degree in computer science or software engineering. Going for a bachelor’s degree program in computer science or software engineering will help you to study the theoretical aspect of computer and software development, and then practice will be less complicated.

2. Learn programming languages

Learning programming languages is very key as well if you wish to become a good software developer in Nigeria or any other part of the world. To be able to work well with a computer, you just have to know a thing or two about programming languages, else, no matter how many degrees you have in your possession, your career in software development will not kick off.


3. Improve your programming skills

If you must know, programming never ends, therefore you must always strive to improve your skills and knowledge of the subject. A degree might help with the basics and fundamentals of software development, but only your zeal to learn and persistence to improve will make you stand out in the practical world.

4. Work on your personal projects

If you need an entry-level job at any company, then no hands-on experience in software development will be needed. However, you will not be getting any incentives and your salary package will not be very impressive. Since software development is a practical field, practical experience will always be more important than academic knowledge or theoretical knowledge.

5. Be an intern

It is also best to partake in internships to gain hands-on industry experience and exposure in the software development industry. Internships help you to improve your network in the industry and it will lead to more doors opening.

These five key points are enough to get you started on becoming a software engineer. Take charge and make a difference now.


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