For some time now, Facebook has been having privacy issues and people don’t seem interested in the platform anymore. So they are finding ways to clear all their info from the site. Your problem may not be like theirs. You probably just want to delete some old embarrassing posts you made when you were in college or something like that.
As luck would have it, there is an easier way of removing those posts and photos from 2007. You wouldn’t have to manually scroll through, be selecting and deleting each one individually. All can be done at once.

How to batch delete old Facebook posts and photos

To batch delete your posts, you would need to read the following carefully.
All you have to do is go to your profile and click the “Manage Posts” button. It is better to switch to the “grid view” rather than the traditional timeline view. This will make it easier to select them.
facebook post batch-delete;manage posts & grid view
Clicking the small corner box on each post lets you select up to fifty to delete at once.
With the dropdown box on the left-hand side, you can jump back through the previous years.
There is a prompt at the bottom of the screen saying “You can hide or delete the posts selected”. Next to it is a big blue button also labelled “Next”.
facebook post batch-delete
Click on the prompt button to decide whether you just intend to hide those selected posts or you really want to delete them.
Now you can hit Next and you are on your way to clearing your past life on Facebook.
facebook post batch-delete
It is worth to point out that you can only be able to delete posts made by you. You can’t delete posts you were tagged in. It is simply because you did not make that post. You were only tagged in it. The only thing you can do is untag yourself from such posts.
Before you hit the last button to delete your posts, I recommend you go back over them just to be sure of what you are deleting.

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