Training 4500 girls to code, and getting 200 computer scientists and engineers to volunteer and serve as mentors is no easy achievement.
However, that’s what Regina Honu and her Soronko Foundation have done through the foundation’s Tech Needs Girls program.
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Regina Honu is a social entrepreneur, software developer, and also the founder of Soronko Solutions, a software development company which she started in 2012 with a laptop and a great idea.
Today, that idea has not only made Soronko Solutions a software development powerhouse in the Ghanaian IT industry but has also made it possible for a paradigm shift in how girls (and by extension, their families) view technology and its importance in the fight against poverty through effective use in education and business.
soronko foundation, tech needs girls,
In 2013 a movement called Tech Needs Girls whose objective is to mentor women & girls to lead and innovate by learning to code, was started. As stated at the onset of this article, the foundation currently has 200 volunteers &mentors who are either computer scientists or engineers with 4500 mentees from 8 regions in Ghana.
In addition to this, the foundation has expanded its activities to Burkina Faso with Tuares to start GirlTech. “Our curriculum has been translated into French and we are excited to bring coding to girls in French-speaking Africa” the foundation proudly states on its website.
soronko academy, tech needs girls, women empowerment
Last year witnessed the graduation of the last class of Tech Needs Girls mentees as the program has transitioned to Soronko Academy; which trains both males and females.
soronko academy
From not knowing much about computers and absolutely nothing about coding, it’s wonderful to see how far these girls have come, with some starting their own companies and building their websites from scratch.
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