Exam times are always a tense period for parents and children alike. Parents are worried about how their children perform and children are under tumultuous pressure of proving a point and getting into a top college or gaining their coveted dream job. As competition for jobs or getting into a good college remains high, the pressure of performing well keeps the young people overwhelmed. During this tough period, the only hope for students would be to get a relaxed environment. Family support during such time can make a positive impact on the way the children perform during the competitive exam. Family support puts a positive impact on alleviating the mood of the child, and he is able to perform better in the exams.
Here is how family support can help children in clearing the competitive exams:

1. Positive mindset

When you know your family is there to support you even if the results are not according to your expectations, you will have a sense of motivation in yourself and believe in your family. You will be more than willing to achieve your goal and perform better. Parents should realize the pressure the expectations of clearing the exam builds on the mind of the children. They should help the students in keeping a positive mindset and make them believe that they will be always there to support them. This will help the children in keeping the negative thoughts aside and clearing the exams with flying color.

2. Helping maintain a routine

As a family, you should ensure that your child has a proper balance between study and rest. Parents should make a point that their children do not strain themselves because of exam pressure and get awakened through the late night as this will only add to the pressure. For clearing the competitive support, children would indulge in studies for a long period. The family should keep them energized by giving them necessary refreshments from time to time.

3. Success is always a team effort

Everything that is potentially positive in a student life helps him to maximize his performance. Such supports include a heightened awareness on the part of all family members in their interactions with the person doing exams, appropriate interactions with their friends, and participation in any sporting or social activity that is not injurious to ongoing success in the exams. Family members should always try to create a positive ambience for the children. They should also encourage the children to relax once in a while by going for an outing. This will help the children to perform better in competitive exams.

4. Don’t hype

Family members should make it a point not to put undue pressure. They should not indulge in talks with the students that make them feel that is they are not able to perform well in this exam this would be the end of the world for them. Parents especially should make their children believe that their success in the exams will not affect the standing in their eyes. They will not be treated any differently than they were before. Parents should ensure their children giving the competitive exams is absolutely clear that your unconditional love and regard for them is in no way dependent on how they perform in the exams.

5. Moral support

Family members should be willing to share and listen to the stories of the children who will be giving the competitive exams. They should provide them moral support and ensure that the outcome of the competitive exams will not decide their future. Family members should keep on motivating the children to give their best result in the exams. They should motivate them by telling them stories of people who got success from enduring difficult times. Moral support will boost the confidence of the children, and they will be able to give their best in competitive exams like IES, AIIMS, and NEET. As these are extremely competitive and difficult exams, the last thing students require is to get added pressure from their folks at home.
The family has an equal part to play in the success of the children in competitive exams as equal to their own performance. When the children know that there is someone there to support them even if they are not able to perform as brilliantly as they wanted to, they will try to perform even better on their next try. The family should motivate the children and not demotivate them to achieve their goals; this will make the children believing in their abilities and perform better.
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