With the consistent evolution in the U.S. healthcare industry and progression in technology, billing rules, and market trends, mostly, medical practitioners on medical billing companies file claims and bring in funds. A local billing agency offering a revenue management cycle has become a need of the hour. Net revenues are contracting in the private division because of diminished carrier allowances and expanded regulations. Working effectively is now more a matter of survival than it is good business.

But, a significant number of their customers don’t really know how they charge for their services. The fee of medical billing agencies relies upon a few components. Understanding the market, distinguishing your business opportunities, and offering quality services are significant for any medical biller.  If you start negotiating medical billing companies’ rates with your clients you should likewise have satisfactory information about existing rates in the business sectors and those offered by your rivals.

However, there are heaps of different things like the types of services you offer, which can make a difference. Different billing companies may also have different billing techniques. With regard to medical billing fees, there are essentially three different ways a medical services provider can be charged.

  • Percentage-based
  • Claim-based
  • Hourly Fees

Percentage-Based Rates

The most widely recognized method for charging medical billing fees is to charge a percentage of the total amount claimed. This is not the same as the total amount billed for the period. So, ensure you know that your resources should focus on getting the bills repaid rapidly to deal with a sound income cycle.

Numerous practices discover this to be the most invaluable method of charging medical billing counselling fees since the billing teams will be centred around submitting clean claims to get reimbursed as fast as could reasonably be expected. It likewise improves the consistency of the team with regards to billing and claims submission.

Rates of a medical billing company set on a percentage basis are normally common among medical billers that offer exhaustive billing and claims filing services. Such companies will have the option to take up the billing and documenting of claims and even direct subsequent meet-ups with payers who have passed the due date for payments.

A practice with considerable patient volume and different agreements with payers will discover such services to be reasonable. Typically, the percentage charged is somewhere in the range of 5 and 7 per cent. But, practically, the range can differ from 3 to 10 per cent.

Claim-Based Charging

Some medical billing agencies will just charge per insurance claim filed, typically for a few dollars for each claim. When you are charging on a claim basis, then you might be liable for filing claims and will charge the practice for each billed claim and not every approved claim. It is ideal for a medical billing company that agrees with a practice that manages claims only.


Setting your medical billing services fees on a claim basis can be reasonable, but you may need to concede to a certain services level,  to guarantee that the practise doesn’t endure in light of too many rejected claims. This may even be an aspect of your agreement with the training. It is in every case great to limit the quantity of rejected or denied claims when you are billing on a claim-based because it will assist you with an increasing market reputation which will build your client base.

Hourly Rates

If you are managing a little practice with relatively low patient volume or where the practice explicitly needs to charge you on an hourly base, then you will utilize this technique for billing. It is just reasonable for small practices because large setups may require a greater billing team and the hourly rates might be high.

Not many practices keep on using this kind of billing due to the low profitability of the practice. On the other hand, the billing company may still discover it to be valuable to charge on an hourly basis as they might have the option to procure well with such a strategy.  Just like any other method for billing, it is helpful for a medical billing company to have a certain service level set for your customer to ensure that the quality of your services is kept up.

 Wrapping up

Since billing and claim filing is crucial in the healthcare industry, you should have the option to keep up high service standards for your services.  If you can increase a reputation in the market as a quality services provider then you will have the option to negotiate higher rates. It is also important to consider additional costs in your fees like the clearinghouse charges and the expense of sending statements to the patients.

On the other hand, picking the correct billing company is quite serious. A quick, haphazard choice means lost revenue, slow claims filing and accumulation of paperwork. An informed decision regarding medical billing companies can deliver timely claims filing, eliminate paperwork, and deliver increased income to build your healthcare business.

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