One of the most loved online games is blockudoku. Block puzzle lovers play it when they’re bored, commuting, or just to pass the time. The moment you start playing this game, you may easily lose track of your time. However, you need to know how to attain the highest score when playing it. This article explains some things you need to do to get better scores and solve more levels.

Don’t Be In A Hurry

Most Blockudoku enthusiasts attempted to eliminate different shapes as fast as they could. However, this strategy is the key to many errors. Indeed, you may get rid of shapes fast, but not after making several mistakes.
The best strategy is to take your time thinking about how you can destroy many shapes with lesser moves. After all, blockudoku is a logical game that needs you to think before you act. Rushing with the game may also get you stuck. If this happens several times, you may be demoralized.


If you want to attain higher scores in this game, you also need to focus more. As you do this, remember to keep your eyes and mind open. That means that you should focus on the whole grid as opposed to only a few areas. If you limit your expectations to only certain aspects, you’ll not clear a huge space as you should. So, be flexible with your solving strategies.

Take A Step At A Time

To destroy multiple lines and boxes, you need to move step by step. Doing this fast may reward you, but that shouldn’t be your intention. Mixing up things may only worsen the situation and quickly get you into a fix. But taking your time to solve the puzzle step by step can save you from applying guesswork and getting stuck.

Act Mindfully

Some players prefer being patient until the right combinations pop up. Though this may work for them, it slows down the gameplay. Coupled with this, placing the pieces in the wrong places may get you out of moves. To avoid this stress, you need to act mindfully. As you think about the right combinations to place in the cells, you also need to think of ways of not getting stuck. That requires you not to overbuild but to make intelligent moves.

Focus On Streaks

In blockudocku, squares and streaks are essential because they’re the gateway to higher scores. For every successful streak you attain, you’ll get more than nine points. Scoring higher marks using streaks is easier. However, it would be best if you refrained from waiting to make particular figures. Snatch every opportunity you get because waiting won’t give you the perfect pieces but may make you lose out on better moves.

Keep Your Board Clean

Remember that when playing this game, your aim isn’t to build more but to destroy more. You can only attain this by beginning from the ends as you work your way inwards. The game ends when there are no more spaces left for new blocks. So ensure you leave as many spaces as possible.

Final Thought

Getting a high score on blockudocku isn’t difficult. By applying these simple tips, you may find yourself moving from simpler levels to more difficult ones.
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