Are you creating a project and need a logo?
The logos are important for your business, websites, products or commercial campaigns. Having a logo is crucial as it contributes to the visibility and credibility of your brand/product.

Characteristics of A Good Logo

There are several features that the best logos share. In this sense, a good logo should be:
Suitable: regardless of whether it is a professional project or not, the logo should be adequate and in accordance with the project philosophy.
Easy to interpret: it is vital that customers look at the logo and immediately understand what it wants to convey with its design.
Aesthetic: of course, having an appealing and attractive design can give a more professional image to your project.
Editable: this means you should have your logo in a format that allows you to edit it later if you want to customize it.
Memorable: one of the most essential characteristics.
Simple: The simpler a logo is, the better it is because it makes it easier for others to remember it.
Unique: A good logo should be unique, especially when it does not have the company name, to facilitate its recognition, and not be confused with that of any other company.

Errors to Avoid When Creating a Logo

In addition to being familiar with the characteristics of a good logo, it is also important to know beforehand what to avoid so that you do not make mistakes that can interfere with the quality of your logo:
Do not have the logo in an uneditable format: when creating your logo or ordering the logo, make sure always to have the logo in an editable format, so you can customize it later whenever you wish.
Do not make a logo too complicated: always keep in mind that the best logos are simple and quickly pass a message.
Do not use unattractive images: When creating your logo, you should pay attention to the quality of the images, such as the icons you use, so as not to end up with a notoriously amateur logo.
If you are a new entrepreneur in the market, you may not yet have enough resources to hire a professional to design the logo for you. However, today thanks to the internet, you have access to tools that make your work easier, through which you can design your own logo for free. One of these tools is DesignEvo.
DesignEvo is an incredible logo service that has thousands of templates and the easy to understand drag-and-drop interface.

How to Design Your Logo on DesignEvo?

First, open in the browser. DesignEvo works on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and other popular browsers.
Next, click “Create a Free Logo” button on the homepage.
Then you will go to the page where you can choose from 7000+ templates or start from scratch.
DesignEvo 2
If you decide to choose a template, you can enter the keywords to search through or select the category that your business will be fitting for. Once selected, you will be asked to enter your own logo name or slogan.
DesignEvo 3
After that, you will see a plain editing canvas. You can edit text, icon, shape, and background to your preference. DesignEvo gives you full customization options and lets you change font, colour, size, outline, layout, and spacing, etc. You can give your design a unique and special touch with millions of icons, hundreds of icons and shapes.
When you finish editing, you can see how your logo will look like on different media by click “Preview” button. Lastly, you can download your logo for free or purchase a premium logo at a low cost. Your downloaded logo is ready to be used anywhere.
If you want to save your logo, you must create an account and then you will be able to save and re-edit it later.
There are a number of other online tools that allow you to create your own logo without installing any professional program. If you know any other options, leave your words in the comments to let the world know!

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