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Uber has a simple way to calculate how much you part with for a ride. The car service company will not only offer you a quality and convenient driving experience, they also help with the calculation of every ride you take.

However, even if that information is needed and available, Uber is not so transparent with its pricing system. Their system makes it more difficult to know how much it costs on specific rides.

The final price actually comes down to where you are on a particular date, at a particular time, and the amount of Uber drivers that are on the road closeby.

This type of calculation makes it complicated to determine if you will be saving more when you go for alternative car companies.

Not to worry though, below are some rules to adhere to if you want the best possible rate as a regular rider:

save money Uber

1. Installation of apps

With the Uber application and that of a rival car service brand on your phone, you can compare both prices whenever you need a ride. It will only take some extra seconds for you to save yourself some cash. The longer your trip, the more you will be able to save by comparing both simultaneously.

For instance, use Uber on your way to the office and another car service brand on your way back, and then compare.

2. Shared Trips

As you should know by now, Uber provides shared rides that will get you paired with another passenger with identical pickup location and destinations. You can be in the car with 2 other passengers and you will all be sharing the cost of the trip, but according to conditions that include the time of the day e.t.c

In certain scenarios, a private car will cost times two of a shared ride. At other times, the difference is minimal.

3. Tipping

Uber allows driver tips in the form of a cash amount or a percentage, but this depends on the price of the trip. Uber does well to let you pay what you feel like. The popular car service company also allows you to split the tip with a different rider. These options help you to control your total expenses and not feel like you are spending too much on tips.

4. Uber cash rewards

Uber’s free membership rewards program makes you earn points for rides.

It offers customers Uber Eats orders that will eventually a custom accumulate to Uber Cash. You will not save cash off your bill like other programs, but it is possible to get back some of your costs in other ways.

Uber Cash can even earn you 5 percent off on the cash you add to your balance, and the funds have no expiry date.


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