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Hemorrhoids is a nasty condition that nobody ever wants to admit to having. They are uncomfortable swollen veins found in your anus. They also lead to rectal bleeding. Treatment of hemorrhoidsincludese topical creams, supplements and sitz baths. It is hard to exercise properly when you have hemorrhoids and sitting normally at a desk trying to work becomes unpleasant as well. There are ways though to help prevent such things as hemorrhoids from occurring but if you do have them read Hem Clear reviews – they will help you find solutions to this problem. The ways to avoid getting hemorrhoids – or at least trying as hard not to are the following:

1.  Bad Diet

Diets that are heavily laden with processed, sugary and fried food lead to a body that is unhealthy and overweight. This then leads to very bad constipation. Cheese, spicy food, a ton of red meat all add to this as well. When you are eating this kind of food, your body lacks fiber. Your body needs fiber to help with digestion. The kinds of food that will give you great sources of fiber are:

  • Beans – The kind you would find in ‘three-bean’ salad.
  • Whole Grains – These are easy to find and you will find such things in whole-wheat bread as well as pasta.
  • Brown Rice – There are so many varieties of rice and the browner you go the healthier it is for your body.
  • Bran Cereal – You can find different varieties of this such as ‘raisin bran’ and ‘fiber bran’.
  • Berries – There are many different berries that help with digestion.
  • Baked Potato with skin (especially sweet potato) – You can get really imaginative with this and add different kinds of vegetables to the dish.
  • Popcorn – As long as it’s air popped or cooked with extra-virgin olive oil it remains healthy. Add low sodium salt or pink Himalayan sea salt to keep it as healthy as possible.
  • Nuts like almonds, walnuts and pecans – these are great to keep as a snack both in your bag or on the desk table.

2.  Sitting Or Standing For Too Long

Most people end up sitting all day. Whether it’s sitting in a car while driving to work or sitting on the bus and train just getting to work everyday puts pressure on your behind. That plus being glued in front of your computer all day lends to too much pressure. You may also end up standing too long as well in certain instances which pushes the blood down the body which leads to swollen veins and arteries which can eventually lead to inflamed hemorrhoids.

3.  Constipation & Diarrhea

If you are consistently constipated you really need to check that out. Diet definitely needs to be looked and supplements should be taken to assist as well as a heavy intake of water. Constipation leads to excessive strain in the toilet. It leads to trying harder and harder to push stools through the anus and may cause bleeding. Also, if there is a continuous flow of feces (diarrhea), it also strains the anal muscles and a lot of diarrhea can also burn the anus.

Final Thought

Hemorrhoids truly aren’t the greatest things to suffer from but if they can be avoided by changing diet and moving around more then it sure is well worth the added effort!


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