The Hope Journey

A group of young men and ladies under the umbrella of the Hope Journey; a Christian philanthropy occasion on Sunday, July 30, 2017, between the hours of 10:00 am – 12noon caused the general population of Beware, Biwase and Asaasekokor to smile.
The occasion was the first Hope Journey donation and Christian evangelism exercise. Outfitted with books of scriptures from Gideon’s International, exercise books and used clothing from kind hearted people, the group gave and ministered the word of God to these three groups.
Altogether, around 300 people were reached from these communities.
The Hope Journey is the brainchild of Mr. Isaac Kwame Owusu, a blogger and his colleagues from other tertiary institutions across the country, the military and other church individuals under the support of Mr. S.K Ampofo.
This is an annual Christian charity event aimed at putting smiles on the faces of the needy in society mainly remote areas through the restoration of hope by giving physical and spiritual needs to people, mainly young people in rural areas. Used clothes and used textbooks are accumulated from church members, friends, and anyone. Funds are also accumulated through donations and are used to sponsor the event.

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