Hiring a home cleaner:

Many of us lead busy lives. You’re either struggling to keep up with house chores and attending to the needs of the kids, or spending most of your waking hours at work or running a business. It can be exhausting!

Despite a busy family and business life, many homeowners still choose to do house cleaning on their own, as they regard maid services to be a luxury more than a necessity. But are cleaning services really just a luxury when it allows you to maintain a tidy home without taking your time away from other important things?

To help you decide whether hiring a professional home cleaning service is suitable for your needs, it’s worth considering the four below compelling points:

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Cleaning the house goes beyond everyday tasks

You may be delaying the decision to hire professionals to clean your home because you are doing a good job keeping the living room tidy and the kitchen organized. But as Penny Loukaitis from Pristine Home points out, many people forget about the hard to reach areas such as on top of the cupboards, and the carpet that often collects dust and mites and stores gross things like dead skin.

Every room in your house deserves the same level of care, but it can be difficult to keep all those areas sparkling clean when you only have a few minutes per day to spend on cleaning chores.

Cleaning technicians are specifically trained to leave your house looking and feeling refreshed so you don’t have to worry about performing a deep clean of your house alone. If you are worried about not getting your money’s worth, hire a cleaning company that offers a satisfaction guarantee to all clients. This shows a company’s commitment to delivering quality cleaning services every time, and meeting the client’s expectations.

It’s cost-effective

Outsourcing cleaning services involve paying a certain amount, but there is actually an immediate cost saving if you consider the amount of work that cleaning technicians are able to complete in less time. Most cleaning companies also bring their own cleaning supplies and equipment, which means there is no need to store a bunch of cleaning solutions at home.

In addition to saving on cleaning supplies, you get to prevent bigger problems in the house by having professionals do a regular maintenance cleaning. With a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning schedule, home cleaners are able to get rid of stains and mould before they become impossible to remove, thus preventing any unwanted cost from buying new carpets and replacing stained items regularly.

Time is money

Your time is a valuable resource that you cannot get back. To make the most out of your time, spend it doing things that improve your well-being and elevates your way of life. One of the reasons why many of us try to do house chores on our own is to save money, rather than pay someone to do the task for us. However, the time we spend performing house cleaning can be turned into money if we spend it in a more productive way. In this sense,  your time is more precious than money. So instead of spending hours trying to get the stain out of the bathroom tiles, and removing cobwebs from the ceiling, consider leaving these tasks to professionals and spending your precious time starting a new hobby, teaching kids how to paint, or taking up a freelance project that will let you earn money on the side.

An opportunity to be more productive

A cluttered house can create chaos in your mind. When you see a disorganized living room or kitchen, your ability to work productively is negatively affected. If you want to get things done quickly, one of the simple things you have to do is to make sure that the house is clean and organized. Simply put – a serene environment allows you to focus on one task, thus increasing your productivity. By having cleaners come to your home on a regular basis, you reduce the burden to address the clutter on your own, and you prevent the buildup of the mess that causes high-stress levels.

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