As soon as a Nigerian student passes his or her JAMB exam, the next thing is how to work hard to do well in any Post UTME exam. This has always been the case because getting admitted into tertiary institutions in Nigeria does not end after you sit for JAMB. Let’s help with important things to adhere, to get a high score in your Post UTME examination.
1. Understanding the examination: Before going to the exam hall for your POST UTME exam, you need to have the necessary knowledge about the test. Knowing if your school of choice uses computer or paper for their exam, how many questions you will answer and the number of scores for every question, is a must. It aids your preparation.
2. Get past question: A past question is always necessary before any exam because it helps you get used to the kind of questions to expect. It will not just expose you to the pattern of the exam, it also helps you read and provide answers, thereby adding to your knowledge of the subject.
3. Punctuality: It is simple; you will not have the time to write the exam, talk more of getting a high score if you do not get there early. If you stay very far from the examination centre, go a day before. Look for a place close to the hall to rest your head before the day of the examination.

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4. Writing materials: Having the required writing materials at the exam venue helps too. Mathematics, for example, is filled with lots of calculations, so be sure to make a calculator readily available.
5. Time yourself during the exam: Timing yourself in the examination hall is essential because it will help you to be time conscious. For example, if you are answering 100 questions for 60 minutes, you need to calculate the time to spend on every question if you don’t want to run out of time.
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