You probably know that videos are the most popular type of content due to their virality and a ton of other factors. Brands of all types and sizes use video content to expand their online presence. If you do not have a video marketing strategy, you are bound to stay behind in this day and age. Let us take a look at the various things you ought to take into account as you build your video marketing strategy. Be sure to use Vidyard or an alternative by Hippo Video.

What you need to know about Video Marketing Goals

Your video marketing strategy depends on your video marketing goals. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Make them specific

You must fix specific goals that you can accomplish. Examples of specific goals include getting new leads, building awareness, educating potential clients, and so forth. You cannot come up with an effective video marketing strategy without specific goals.

Make a list of the pros and cons

Once you specify your goals, you need to list the pros and cons. These will help you gauge your video marketing success.

Check if your plans are feasible

You need to ask yourself if your plans are feasible. Be sure to keep the potential pitfalls in mind and plan for them accordingly.
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Follow a realistic schedule

If you want to ensure your video marketing plans are executed in time, you need to introduce accountability. This is where a solid schedule comes into play.

Check if your strategy is relevant

You must determine if your video marketing strategy is relevant and can help you reach your business goals and the results you are after.

The different types of videos to experiment with

Here are a few video types you can experiment with, depending on your goals and niche.


Educational Videos

As you probably know, you need to create educational videos to inform your audience. Sure, you should promote your brand from time-to-time. However, real value comes from educational content. You can take care of this by tackling common topics, complex concepts, and suggesting actionable tips, steps, and tricks that help your audience. You must make sure that your audience benefits from your videos.

Product Videos

Product videos are also educational. However, these videos are specific to the product or service in question. You should create in-depth product videos to explain every aspect of the product. Most potential customers are generally intrigued but unsure about products, which means you may need to make it easy for them and create videos to get deeper into what the product is about.
In your product videos, introduce the product, explain how it works, and how it will help the buyer. If you want to boost your conversions and retain customers, product videos will do the trick.

Video Emails

Video emails are all the rage today if you want to generate leads, convert, and retain them. Video emails are known to be much more engaging than regular text emails because videos gain more traction and are more engaging. As a result, video emails are more likely to be opened, which means there is an email open rate and click-through-rate.

Video testimonials

Just like product videos, you can use testimonial videos to convert potential customers who are on the fence. Sure, you can also use them to create awareness. However, they are primarily meant for social proof and leads who need that extra push to buy your product or service.
Testimonials are great because they confirm that your product is legitimate, works, and works for many people, which means it is likely to work for the potential customer in question. Be sure to add video testimonials to your video emails.

Best ways to optimize your Video Marketing Strategy

As you know by now, there are tons of video types you can create to get the results you want. Of course, this will depend on your niche, target audience, and video marketing goals that you need to have figured out before you create content. However, if you’ve made it this far, here are a few things you can do to optimize your content:

You need to be creative

The content itself is not enough in today’s market. Your presentation and production are almost as important. In other words, you must focus on production quality, which means investing in high-quality equipment, hiring professionals who know what they are doing and taking the risk to be a little creative with your content. While having killer content and production quality is ideal, you can still go a long way with creative content with decent production.

Your videos must be optimized for mobiles

Mobiles are our present and future. Most of your audience is likely to find your brand on their phones, which means you need to optimize all your content for phones. Make sure your videos run smoothly on different screen sizes and optimize your website for phones. Additionally, you will want to add captions subtitles to your videos on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook since many people watch videos with the sound off.


This article should serve as a simple guide to boosting your leads and conversions using video. Now that you know the importance of having a solid video marketing strategy, consider using HubSpot video by Hippo Video to optimize it and see your results skyrocket.


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