Even if shaving brings a soothing, fresh and refreshed feeling to most men, it can be a complete disaster for some. Here’s how to prevent skin reactions after shaving:
1. Trim the hair: If you allow your pubic hair to grow long before shaving, it is best to have a trim first before applying a razor. A scissor can help with trimming and it helps to decrease irritation.
2. Don’t use a razor twice: Those that reuse their razors should stop because it is far from healthy. Sensitive skin will develop irritation when this is done.
3. Don’t shave dry skin: Shaving creams are always key in times like this. They come with skin-protecting lubricants that will aid your shaving across your face and will hold in hydration as you shave. If the hair is hydrated, it will swell and be soft and this will aid your razor to glide through the hair seamlessly.
4. Wash off and moisturize: After shaving, it is best to wash the area with warm water, then cold water and then pat dry. Rubbing it will cause problems. After that, apply the aftershave or moisturizer that contains Aloe Vera, it helps to soothe the area and combat irritation.

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