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Fortnite is a game loved by many and if you are reading this, you probably love the game too. However, for users of Android, you would realize that the game has not been released on Playstore yet.

Epic’s decision not to release Fortnite on the Play Store is a controversial one for a lot of reasons — mainly because it gives crooks a field day with tricking people into downloading fake versions that serve to do nothing but cause trouble.

In an effort to combat this, searching for “Fortnite” on the Play Store now returns a message that reads, “Fortnite Battle Royale by Epic Games, Inc is not available on Google Play.”

Realizing this, Samsung went into partnership with Epic games to place the game on the Galaxy App Store till today, August 12, 2018 after which it will be available on other Android devices.

Now, the game can be accessed on all Android devices. Here’s how to access

How to download Fortnite beta from the Galaxy App Store

The Fortnite Beta is currently exclusively available on Samsung Galaxy, from the S7 on up, and can be downloaded from the Galaxy App Store.

It’s easy to forget that Samsung has its own dedicated app store that you may have never used before, so we’ll walk through the steps of downloading the Fortnite Installer.

For other Android phones

All you have to do is visit the epic games website and follow the prompts.

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