Hello Contract South Africa
Photo credit: disrupt-africa.com

SA startup, Hello Contract has unveiled what it claims is South Africa’s first business legal contracts platform, giving small and medium-sized businesses access to top class business contracts. Hello Contract is a completely automated business legal document webshop that provides business contracts and documents to companies at huge discounts, straight to a user’s inbox.

Co-founded by Kyle Torrington, who is also in charge of Legal Legends, and Vincent Gaemers, the company was created to simply aid South Africa to reap the benefits of the digital age.

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Kyle had this to say, “The time is now for South Africa’s contracting landscape to reap the true benefits of the digital age, automating legal documents is a logical step in the right direction. There are fantastic opportunities to provide automated well-written contracts, which we really want people to understand.”

Vincent added, “We hope to serve many businesses which would otherwise not be able to afford a lawyer, together with those businesses which are feeling held back in their work due to a large amount of time spent on preparing contracts.”

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