prevent getting fibroid
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Fibroid are mostly hereditary but can be prevented with a proper diet. They are very rampant and about 75 percent of women experience it during their lifetime. See Healthy ways for women to prevent getting fibroid:

1. Mediterranean diet: You need a lot of fresh and cooked green vegetables, fresh fruit, legumes, and fish in your meals. They reduce the risk of fibroid.
2. Stop drinking alcohol: Drinking any kind of alcohol might boost your risk for fibroid. Alcoholic drinks increase the level of hormones required for fibroid to grow.
3. Get the right vitamin D: Vitamin D might decrease your risk of fibroid by 32 percent. Meals like egg yolk, cheese, cod liver oil are okay.
4. Have a balanced estrogen level: Estrogen is key for healthy fertility in both ladies and guys. Be careful so it does not get excessive because it can increase your risk of Fibroid.


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