Walking barefoot actually influences physiologic processes and induces relaxation. If you are not aware, doing away with your shoes and slippers offers the human body with some amazing health benefits you should know about.

1. It controls insomnia: If you are not aware, walking barefoot actually helps you to sleep better at night. The reason for this is because barefoot helps to stabilize circadian rhythms, which is the first step for better sleep since it is the internal system that is designed to regulate feelings of sleepiness for a full day.

2. It controls blood pressure: Research has proven that the nerves of the feet are stimulated when you walk without shoes. And most times, this leads to a decrease in stress levels. However, because stress is released via walking barefoot, it helps to control your blood pressure.

3. It increases your energy level: Those that love nature are aware of the fact that there is higher energy in nature. Anytime you walk barefoot, you tap into the higher frequencies emitted from nature and your energy levels will instantly go up. However, with most people ignoring nature in the world of today, this is time to make adjustments.

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4. It helps to reduce chronic pain: Doctors have confirmed that the electrons on earth can enrich the immune system in our body and recent studies have also proven it. It even boosts the oxygen levels of the body, therefore reducing chronic and acute pain in your body.

5. It improves overall posture: Recent research has proven that shoes actually have negative effects on your feet. Our foot muscles are actually weaker than ever since shoes and soft surfaces do not make them flexible enough. And if your feet are not as flexible as it should be, you start to rely on your muscles more, which could invite bad posture.

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