Palm kernel is popular for offering several health benefits that help to protect you from severe sicknesses. While most people underrate its use in margarine, vegetable oil, chocolate, and ice cream, it actually does a lot more than you think.

1. It is a brilliant remedy for epilepsy: Alternative medicine has proven that palm kernel oil is a great fix for treating convulsion in children. Its healing properties help to fight the effect of epilepsy attack. You are guaranteed massive relief when you use it for that purpose.

2. It prevents aging: This oil is filled with antioxidants agents that come with vitamin E. And vitamin E as you know, helps to prevent the signs and symptoms of aging. Research has also proven that it does not just prevent fine lines, it also delays sagging and wrinkled skin. Palm kernel oil even provides protection from the adverse effects of UV rays and other poisonous substances.

3. It boosts hair growth: Palm kernel oil, when applied to the hair, aids thicker hair and prevents hair fall. It also nourishes the hair, making it stronger with the conditioning it offers.

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4. It detoxifies the body: Palm kernel oil does not just get rid of toxins in the body, it also purifies every cell of the body and rejuvenates them.

5. It softens the skin: Palm kernel oil is not just an anti-aging agent, it also helps to make your skin soft without feeling greasy in any way. This explains why various soap and cream companies use it as an ingredient in their products.


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