A golfing session could prove to be physically challenging and mentally stimulating. Golf is not known to be an intensely physically demanding sport. However, you should have the stamina and tenacity to walk at a consistent pace of about seven to eight kilometers for many hours.

You must make use of your brain simultaneously to tackle the mental challenges you encounter. According to experts at Forbes, the most fascinating and intriguing thing about golf is the way the game has been reflecting our cycle of life. It is the closest to what we call the game of life.

Golf proves to be immensely beneficial to both your physical and emotional wellbeing. If you are thinking of playing golf after a break of several years, or if you have been erratic about your golfing sessions, or if you are thinking of learning and taking up golf for the first time, here are some benefits of playing golf that should lure you into playing the game.

Boosts Physical Fitness Levels

Just like any other sport, golf helps in improving your overall physical fitness and wellbeing. The game precisely helps by providing reasonably intense physical activity like carrying your bag, walking, and swinging. All these activities help in boosting your blood flow and heart rate. It ultimately culminates in a perfectly healthy heart, improved balance, and improved brain stimulation.


Caddies and spectators may get benefitted from golf too. Research has revealed that golf spectators would be generally taking 7,500 to almost 10,000 steps while intently watching a game of golf that is supposed to be the daily fitness recommendation for following a healthy lifestyle. You would love to play or watch an absorbing game at the public golf course in Idaho, ID like TimberStone Golf Course for boosting both physical and mental wellbeing.

Triggers Weight Loss

A boost in overall physical fitness implies weight loss. Weight loss could be possible if you follow the recommended 10,000 steps every day. If you devote four to five hours of your time to playing golf or to be precise, an 18-hole round, it is best to avoid the golf cart and focus on walking so that you can consistently burn away the fat.

Ensures a Restful Sleep at Night

If you are experiencing sleep issues or insomnia, you may try a golf session every day as therapy. A magical blend of fresh air and exercise regularly seems to be the perfect recipe for restful sleep at night. You will be so exhausted that you will fall off to sleep much faster than usual and you will enjoy deep sleep for much longer than usual. It is a wise idea to head to your nearest golf course, experience the green outdoors, and enjoy restful and fulfilling sleep at night.

Conclusion: Promises a Healthy Mind

When you are involved in any kind of physical activity amidst natural beauty, it proves immensely beneficial to your mental wellbeing. Research findings have revealed that after a walking session amidst lush greenery, there is a marked increase in your happiness and attention levels. It is triggered by a boost in the serotonin and endorphin levels in your brain. You will experience reduced anxiety or stress and much-enhanced confidence and self-esteem after a golfing session.


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