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The African star apple season is finally here and you should be seeing it everywhere these days. Known as Agbalumo in Yorubaland and Udara in Igbo language, this fruit comes with amazing health benefits that you need in your body. Want to know more? See Important health benefits of Agbalumo (African star apple):

1. It aids weight loss: For those who count their calories, Agbalumo is the answer. Research has proven that one Agbalumo comes with 67 calories, and this makes it a decent choice for those with weight problems. Your calories will reduce as you consume it.

2. It is filled with vitamin C: Agbalumo is home to a large Vitamin C content, in fact, 100g of Udara provides 25mg of vitamin C. This safeguards the body against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health issues, eye defects plus skin wrinkling.

3. It is a natural antioxidant: Antioxidants help you to avoid damage to your system caused by free radicals. The production of free radicals increases in response to stress or injury, which is bad for your health. Not to worry though, because there are foods and drinks that can render these free radicals useless in your body, and Agbalumo is one of them.

4. It is great for pregnancy: The acidic taste you get from Agbalumo helps you to avoid the urge to vomit during pregnancy. However, you should reach out to your doctor for your ante-natal diet.

5. It is used as an ingredient in folk medicine: The sweet and sour taste you get from Agbalumo functions as a natural remedy for rampant problems like constipation, toothache sore throat, and indigestion. Herbal doctors use the bark of the tree to treat certain sicknesses as well.


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