you can use Google Assistant on iPhone and iPad
Google Assistant on iOS (CREDITS: Search Engine Roundtable)

Siri, they, is awful, and Google Assistant is the darling now. Though people think they are forever tied to Siri as long as they still with their iPhones and iPads. That’s quite not true. You can use Google Assistant on your iPhone or iPad, if you really hate awful Siri.


Apple’s locked-down approach gives us the secure device that we all want, but we can’t do anything about Siri. For a lot of iOS users, this is a bit of a problem. Siri is terrible, and there’s almost nothing you can do about it. Unlike Android users, iOS is digital prison that leaves users unable to pick and choose our favourite options. An example is a digital assistant.

Well, all is not bad. There’s a way around it. Though, not straightforward it’s quite simple. You are going to exploit the power of Google Assistant each time you trigger Siri.


Okay so how do we go about it?

First of all you’ll have to install the Google Assistant app. So just go to the App Store, search for Google Assistant, and install.

you can use Google Assistant on iPhone and iPad instead of Siri
Google Assistant on App Store (CREDITS: TheNextWeb)

Now you’ll add “Ok Google”. That’s Google Assistant’s trigger command to Siri.

Open the app, click on the icon in the bottom-right corner. And hit the Add to Siri button of the next screen.


you can use Google Assistant on iPhone and iPad
(CREDITS: TheNextWeb)

A prompt will appear for you to record “Ok Google” or another trigger command to access Google Assistant. Now press the big red record button. You say the trigger command, and then press “Done” in the upper right to complete.

Okay, so now this part is a bit wobbly. From here, you’ll trigger Siri, and then say “Ok Google”. This will tell Siri it’s time to rest while you work with a better assistant.

The down side is, you’ll need to do this each time you want to use Google Assistant. The trade-off may seem less since it’s quick and relatively painless. Also, it gives you a much better assistant to work with.

However, you can quickly say the phrase: “Hey Siri, Ok Google” to mostly skip over Siri entirely. Now you can say bye to annoying Siri.




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