When you fight with bae, always know that the battle is not against him or her, it is both of you against whatever the problem is. See how to handle relationship conflicts without losing your partner:
1. Are you both fighting fair?: We all have different reactions to conflicts. Some people try to avoid it completely, some try to win the argument, some talk about it and then move on. However, there are better solutions you should be aware of, like you both deciding to compromise or collaborate to fix the issue. By so doing, the problem will be properly resolved and your bond will be stronger.
2. Apologize: A sorry said with sincerity is very key during conflicts when you are at fault. Let your partner know that you accept that you are to blame and promise to never repeat that mistake.
3. Do not deal with problems in the heat of the moment: According to PulseNG, it is best to take a break once and while to resolve the matter. Trying to solve things when you are both boiling will never end well.

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4. Call someone: Resolving a conflict is simpler if there is someone outside you can reach out to. William Chopik, an assistant professor of psychology at Michigan State University had this to say, “Friends can help us make sense of things happening with our partners. They can also give us advice, or provide us with a break to relax and not think about it for a while.”
5. Talk about it: An honest and calm conversation will go a long way too. When you are both relaxed, talk about it, resolve it, and learn from it.
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