What with being stuck at home with lockdown, everyone’s been unable to get their haircut. There are larger concerns at stake and hair seems like a minor concern. However, as everyone’s hair grows longer and more unkempt, hair becomes a seemingly bigger issue. After all, having your hair well-maintained helps you to feel more put together too. The situation is already stressful and somehow, having control over your own hair would help tons. Some have started learning to deal with their own hair – cutting, trimming, and fading their own hair. It works in a jiffy but once salons and barbers are back in business, we know everyone’s going to be clamoring for a visit.
So, if this entire lockdown has had you hating your hair and wanting some new changes, here’s a list of potential trendy haircuts to get! You’ll also find the best salon software useful for booking your future appointment!

Sticking to All-Natural Looks

Sticking to All-Natural Looks
Before quarantine, everyone might have been getting into super stylish and high-maintenance hairstyles. However, this time in quarantine has allowed many to unabashedly be themselves and some may have found that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience of going all-natural. As life boots back up, people might still choose to stick to being natural. After all, they’ve gotten used to it and may have even found that they love it way more than something that requires product and careful maintenance.
People want to look good, however, many are also tired of having to style and maintain their hair copiously. Therefore, many people are beginning to pick looks that are easy to style but generally, always look done and ready. Great examples of such hairstyles could be curls or blunt cut bobs. Part of the magic of quarantine is that people have been able to stay home and be their complete selves. It’s created an atmosphere where people can be more relaxed with their appearance. The idea of having to get back to a high-maintenance lifestyle could be extremely upsetting for some. Therefore, you can expect easy but stylish looks to pop up more.
If you’re thinking of sticking to your all-natural hair, you could still get a trim and pick up some products for moisturizing. A good hairdryer could also come in handy in adding some extra volume or style once in a while

Going The Other Way For Extremely Styled Looks

On the other hand, however, some people may be dearly missing the routine of visiting salons and having to style their hair every day. This missing then translates into them going the extra mile. Once they’re able to, they’d want to choose the most extra and fabulous look that they can. This varies for many – for some, it could be religiously straightening their curly hair every day. For others, it could be daily curling and blow-drying.
People may also be going out and heading for recoloring or touching up their hair. This all compounds from them being trapped at home for too long. Therefore, they want to make the biggest changes they possibly can. Others might have had colored hair that grew out and thus, want some touching up. The color choice varies from person to person but you can expect to see friends getting their hairs colored anew.

Extremely Styled LooksUndercuts

Undercuts are also another drastic change that people may choose to go for. The time spent in quarantine is certainly monotonous and boring. And for some, it’s really brought to mind the concept of how transient life is. People are thus willing to take the big steps they never dared. For many, undercuts are a want. However, they are also extremely daunting at the same time as they are a drastic change. A normal pixie cut versus a pixie cut with an undercut? That’s a whole new aura and story. With all the stress and frustration of quarantine however, people will just be ready to go for it completely. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing people rocking undercuts. They could be pixie cuts with an undercut or even 2012 Rihanna’s side shave look. People will really want to just make the biggest change they can.
If undercuts are your choice, do be prepared that they take some maintenance as they will need to be trimmed down every few weeks. If you don’t, your undercut is going to grow out into an awkward in-between length. However, the tradeoff will be totally worth it as you rock a new awesome haircut. You’ll also be much cooler in this summer heat!

Creative Shapes

Creative Shapes
Even before the quarantine, people were beginning to take on interestingly shaped hairstyles. And this extended to different hair textures and types. Many celebrities were seen rocking interesting shaped hairstyles. For example, think of Lupita Nyong’o’s red carpet looks! She styled a variety of different shapes and cuts. Hairstyles like this require intricate braids and twists and a good tool to have would be a straightener or curler.


No matter which hairstyle you choose to rock, remember to take good care of your hair! Hair health is extremely vital and once damaged, it’s a lot harder to fix. Therefore, remember to condition and moisturize your hair regularly. You could also do deep-conditioning masks to treat any damage right now. If your new hairstyle requires a lot of styling or heating tools, remember to use a heat protectant! You might also want to have some leave-in conditioner as this will protect your strands from heat damage. This is especially so if your hair is textured. With all the product usage, you might also have scalp build-up. Therefore, you should also remember to detox and deeply cleanse your hair once in a while. This can go a long way in keeping your hair feeling healthy and fresh.
Whatever changes you make, it’s definitely going to look and feel good. Just remember to be confident about your choices. If you’re still stuck in quarantine right now, you could also use this time to really look at different hairstyles. And once quarantine lifts, you can zoom out to your hairstylist to get it done!
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