When you are travelling from place to place, what you do think of most is where to lay for the night. Sometimes that could prove difficult, especially if you do not really know the area well. You’d have to rely on strangers, asking of a better place to accommodate yourself.
Well, if you are in the Brong Ahafo Region, or travelling there, you are lucky. Haedanpa.com is here to be your accommodation solution in the Brong Ahafo region.

An accommodation solution for travellers in the middle of the country

A platform for travellers, Haedanpa.com helps find accommodation that suits the traveller’s style, budget and preferred location in the region. The platform also serves as a way for accommodation businesses to list their rooms or space.

Those in the accommodation business that list with Haedanpa include hotels, guest houses, lodges and serviced apartment businesses (suppliers). With Haedanpa, these accommodation retailers can increase their clientele and reach more potential guests online.

The Haedanpa platform connects the users (accommodation searchers) directly to the suppliers. The suppliers then show the (potential) clients the room packages, prices and other information set by suppliers themselves.

If you are a group of business executives, you can easily book a conference room in the Brong Ahafo region via Haedanpa. Tourists and families travelling through the Brong Ahafo region can also book hotels room via the Haedanpa platform.

Users of Haedanpa can also place calls to suppliers to make a reservation with the contact information provided.

To book an accommodation with a hotel, guest house or any lodging place via Haedanpa, you’d have to create an account —a Haedanpa Suite account. The account can be created at suite.haedanpa.com to list room and conference packages or serviced apartment on Haedanpa.
You can also learn more about the Haedanpa Suite and how it works here.

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