The Hacklab Foundation has joined forces with American multinational tech company, IBM, to extend IBM’s Digital – Nation Africa program to the Ghanaian youth.
The Hacklab Foundation is an organization that focuses on helping the Ghanaian youth for future job employment opportunities as well as nurturing young entrepreneurs who would in turn create job opportunities for others.
Created in September 2015 in Ghana, Hacklab Foundation seeks to train the Ghanaian youth by supporting them to develop and improve their technical skills. Hacklab also connects them to industry players and breeding entrepreneurs who create jobs for others.
Hacklab has this annual event called “Hackathon”, for which the foundation is popularly known. The annual hackathon event brings together nearly 500 students from tertiary institutions, industry experts and other relevant industry stakeholders. They come together to examine local problems in the country and formulate solutions to those problems.
The hackathon event since inception has had support from DreamOval, Vodafone Ghana, Stanbic Bank, and Certified Ghana, etc.


The IBM Digital – Nation Africa Program

The IBM Digital – Nation Africa Program is obviously an initiative by multinational tech company IBM.   The program is an online learning and enablement platform, mainly to help close up the digital skills gap.  It aims to develop 4th Industrial Revolution skills and capabilities right here in Africa to serve the African market. This IBM Digital – Nation Africa program is only accessible to people living in Africa.
With this partnership, IBM will work together with the Hacklab Foundation to make the D-NA program accessible to as many youth is the country as possible. The two organisations will join hands with educational institutions like basic and tertiary schools and other local partners to make the aim of the program possible.
Hacklab Foundation will have the responsibility of monitoring the performances of Ghanaians who sign up to the platform. The Foundations will also support participants through seminars, internships, boot camps, Webinars and hackathons.
Registration is the IBM Digital – Nation Africa program is open. You can sign up here.
For more information on the program or on Hacklab in general you can contact the Hacklab Foundation here.



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