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Even if things like commitment and responsibility can bore the hell out of us sometimes, it is the small things that make you a real man. And it is sad to see how male youths are quite immature nowadays. Let’s help with our list of Habits to quit to attain true manhood:

1. Insecurity and competitiveness: A boy that needs assurance from time to time, or one with a weak ego is not ready to be a man. Snap out of your insecurity and stop trying to do better than your friends. You will always look bad when you put a friend down to uplift yourself.

2. Not being able to communicate: Communication is key in every serious relationship. You have to be very firm with your opinions. Never say yes when you actually mean No. Listen to other people when they talk and always think before you speak. You will be building your maturity in the process.

3. Quit being a know-it-all: Yes, it is fine to be smart and intelligent but nobody knows everything. You can learn from others too.

4. Being a mirror hugger: Boys fascinate about physical beauty when it comes to the opposite gender. However, real men see beyond that. They know that there is more to a woman than a pretty face.

5. Indecisiveness: A boy can find it hard to make up his mind. Mature men, however, know what they want and will hold on to it no matter what.

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