It seems to be a hopeless situation if someone from your family of friends has been taken into imprisonment by migration and Customs Enforcement.  An immigration bond is mandatory to liberate the person from captivity as they get summoned by the court. To acquire an immigration Bond, you need to possess a prescribed qualification that enables you to withdraw from detention. You must follow the laws for releasing a person from the confinement of your respective country. The rules are set not only for the detainees but also for custom agents and police. A family member can bail out the people who are held captive without a document.

Avoid making the following mistakes to release immigrants

When immigration officers detain your friend or family, it is crucial to refrain from panicking and overreacting.

  • Do not flee away or escape the arrest.
  • Refrain from an argument or a dispute with the officers.
  • Maintain your temperament when you are inquiring about the accused.
  • Rest assured. Your loved one will soon be out of custody by following a legal process.

You must act vigilantly

Kinds of immigration bonds

Immigration bonds are of two types, and each of them serves a different purpose

  • Delivery Bond- unauthorized immigrants who have been confined by immigration officers are entitled to a bail bond resolved by an immigration judge. A detention warrant is essential, along with certain conditions from officials, before acquiring a delivery bond. The convict must appear at the court during every hearing. Delivery Bond allows the accused to meet a lawyer and his family members before the court hearing.


  • Departure Bond- sometimes the court allows the prisoner to abscond from the country at their own expense, within a stated period. Departure bonds are voluntary, and the officials reimburse the amount paid for the bail. However, if the individual fails to abscond from the country, they have to forgo the money.

Procedure for immigration bail bonds

The process of bail bond starts with detaining a foreign national by custom enforcement. The captive then goes to the federal authority. Second, the judge stipulates the amount for an immigration bail bond. The amount set for the bail bond differs based on multiple factors, such as the criminal history of the detainees and the job of the accused. Sometimes a guarantor also makes the payment for filing a bond.
If you lack the finances, you can tie-up with the immigration bond company. The bond amount fluctuates based on the risks involved. The cost of bail bond increases with the increase in the rate of trouble for the escape.

Payment for an immigration bail bond

There are several strategies for making payments to the bondsman. You can make payment through a surety bond with the help of a bond company. Cash payment is also an option, where the convict’s family member pays the cash for release.
Opting for an economic bond can be appeasing. However, some bondsmen charge a high fee based on their experience in the field. You may hire a good bondsman as Freedom / Libertad Bail Bonds notes minute details to give you premium services. You can hire them for the best services at the most affordable rates.

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