In this era, technology is evolving so rapidly that taking the course of your choice from any institute across the globe is conceivable by only using your fingers. The field of digital learning is emerging as a boon to mankind. Ad development in the field of technology and digital learning has taken the world of learning to new peaks by shattering the barriers caused due to geographical boundaries.

With the help of advanced E-learning, it is feasible to learn and graduate from the desired course or a degree of one’s choice without the physical presence of a long way with proficiency. More and more educational institutions are taking part in encouraging ‘E-learning’ or distance learning. With all the possibilities and advantages of digital learning, the serious challenge is to maintain an ecosystem that contains both the examinations and courses with the help of authentic and genuine proctoring. 

Moreover, many professionals are engaging themselves in enhancing their soft skills through the E-learning platform by enrolling themselves in some certification courses. Moreover, corporate companies are making it compulsory for their employees to regularly take part in such courses. Also, educational and corporate institutions are aiming to provide training and courses related to interviews. The credibility of these courses and evaluations depends on their integrity. On point solution to effective and efficient management of the examination depends on how to eliminate any unfair means is “Online Proctoring”

Can software detect any kind of malpractice?

As we know that there are multiple ways in which anyone can cheat in these assessments can be in both offline as well as in online mode. With the help of auto-proctoring, the probability of doing unfair means has been decreased. By using various new-age gadgets and technologies cheating is possible but due to advancements in auto proctoring software, it has become almost impossible for cheaters to indulge in any kind of unfair, foul play, or malpractice in an online proctored exam. 

There are two powerful proctoring tools, live proctoring and advanced auto proctoring that have made it impossible for cheaters to crack and find the loopholes in the software to avoid malpractices. Live proctors are used for monitoring the candidates throughout the assessment period thoroughly, also it can descry any suspicious activities very quickly. Nowadays, exam proctoring software comes up with high-end features which ensure the smooth conduction of the assessments without any distractions and suspicious activities. Also, this software allows candidates to take exams from anywhere in the given slot by excluding the chances of unfair means.


Working on a proctored examination:

The countless advanced features and tools embedded in the software provided by Remote Proctoring services make it possible for the proctor to conscientiously observe all the candidates during an online assessment live or a recording that can be viewed later. By making use of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning in the proctored exam, the software is designed to detect any chances of suspicious activities.

Importance of online proctoring:

  • It has increased the possibilities of international education accessible
  • Also, allowed professionals and employees to take up certification courses according to their convenience. 
  • It validates flexibility of time.
  • It has removed the barriers of geographical appearance
  • It is favorable for any and every type of assessment

Cost of Online Proctoring:

Online proctoring service providers adjust their tools depending upon the budget of the client and their requirements. These services and tools are willingly reachable and affordable at some discount price range which depends on the number of questions and candidates to be present in that assessment. Many providers allow you easy-to-use tools at affordable prices with the best digital solutions related to online proctoring at your doorstep. 

These service providers also allow free trials so that an institution can understand and experience the working of the software which can help the institution to decide whether to go with this service or search for another one. For these service providers, customer satisfaction is their utmost priority, so the best practice is to go for a free trial of the product first to know the accuracy and effectiveness of the software. 

Is it possible to take a proctored assessment while residing at home?

The answer to this question is a big Yes. This is possible because an online proctored examination can be taken from any place in the world at any point of time in today’s world. Taking an examination at your comfort place while being proctored with the help of online software is now possible. If you want to do this all you need is

  •  A compatible device may be a desktop, PC, tablet, and even a smartphone
  • Stable internet connectivity preferably more than 256kbps
  • Functional input devices mainly a webcam and a microphone
  • An updated version of the browser which is compatible with software

How can Online Proctoring prevent cheating?

Online proctoring software is embedded with high-end tools and technologies that can easily find out a suggestive suspicious activity. This is possible with the help of these reasons:

  • The proctor monitors the examination rigorously and warns whenever it finds any sort of unfair means.
  • Nowadays auto proctors are so advanced that they can invigilate the proctored exam by not only viewing the movement and the screen of the candidate but also by the movement of their hands-on mouse and keyboards. 
  • Moreover, it must be noted that the proctor won’t be able to access the files and documents present in the system without the permission of the candidate.
  • A chat box is present on the candidate’s computer screen which will show the candidate the permission he/she has granted to the proctor.
  • The entire session of the assessment is recorded and saved with the invigilator for further use.
  • Before the beginning of the assessment, students should perform a 360-degree rotation of the webcam of the area where they will be doing their proctored exam as it is a prerequisite.
  • Such a type of surveillance prevents any unofficial person from entering the room and helps the candidate with malpractices during the examination.


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