The Ghana Grid Company, GRIDCo, has entered into a partnership with the technology firm, Csquared to make available excess fibre capacity to the mobile network operators as well as internet service providers, so as to enhance and improve upon internet services in the country.
Csquared is a technology company that makes commercially driven investments into broadband-enabling infrastructure across Africa.
Mr Jonathan Amoakoh-Baah, the Chief Executive officer of the Ghana Grid Company, speaking at the event, underscored the benefits of the partnership as he says it is in tangent with the government of Ghana’s digitization agenda since the partnership is one that would help improve internet services in the country.
“Our efforts in this area tie in perfectly with the government’s digitization agenda. In an age where technology is dictating the pace of everything we do, no one should be left behind harnessing its power, and we are committed to enforcing that,” the GRIDCo CEO pointed out.
GRIDCo, he stated further, remains the leading power transmission company in West Africa, and they will continue to provide electricity transmission in Ghana.
The partnership between the Ghana Grid Company and Csquared is one that is aimed at deploying broadband infrastructure that will ensure high-speed internet service to businesses as well as homes.
The partnership will see GRIDCo find an additional outlet for some revenue, while Csquared also gets the chance to drive the digitisation agenda since that is all they are about.
“Every day, broadband is connecting the unconnected, from education to healthcare, to economic opportunities. More people in Ghana continue to benefit from living in a fully digitized world. The partnership goes a long way towards achieving Csquared’s goal of democratizing connectivity and achieving internet for all,” Csquared CEO Lanre Kolade said.
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