Graduates are surely experiencing too much panic and uncertainty amid the pandemic because, rather than hiring, companies are now firing to cope with the new reality. Not to worry though, because we can help you get employed during these trying times:
1. Know where to look: According to, it should never be limited to physical visits to companies of your choice because there are other ways to go about it. LinkedIn, for example, is a brilliant platform for jobseekers. Just create a profile and you are good to go. It will help employers to see your profile immediately they Google your name. Speculative apps are amazing as well since some recruiters do not even advertise.

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2. Know when to apply: Start applying right away, do not postpone anything. It has to be as early as possible, else, you might miss out on an important opportunity. Keep an eye on the websites of companies you are targetting in case they make any announcements that will favor jobseekers.
3. Be prepared for online interviews: You can expect lots of online interviews during the pandemic. A strong online presence is now important for recruitment as the normal practice for physical interviews fades away. Get yourself ready by doing mock online interviews. Work on your confidence, background, and make sure your camera angles are right.
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