Gozo Tuk-Tuk Tours

When we talk about Gozo, it’s usual for many people to think about physically intensive activities such as trekking, diving, and exploring caves. This sounds reasonable enough considering the number of picturesque caves and dive sites of the island, including The Blue Hole and Calypso Cave.

Aside from its landscape, Gozo is also famous for its rich history and culture. In fact, many tourists visit the island solely to explore its historic site, including the neolithic Ggantija Temples and the mid-18th-century Roman ruins.

However, not many foreign travellers know that Gozo has the right mix of historic landmarks and adrenaline-rushing outdoor adventure sites. It’s an all-in-one paradise fo the outdoorsy traveller, as well as those history afficionado and health buffs. What’s even more amazing about the island is the fact that it accommodates travellers of all ages and from all walks of life. That means you can actually find attractions that are kid-friendly and suitable for senior citizens.


Tuk-Tuk Tour: A Great Way to Explore the Island on a Whole New Level

If you’re planning to visit the Maltese archipelago, don’t miss to visit Gozo and go on a tuk-tuk tour. Provided exclusively by Yippee Malta, this travel package allows you to see the island and appreciate it fully from the perspective of a local.

Gozo Tuk-Tuk Tours

Why Go on a Tuk-Tuk Tour?

Gozo Tuk-Tuk Tours

Renting a car or taking public transport is the conventional ways of getting around the island. Although these options guarantee style and high level of comfort, conventional four-wheeled vehicles can’t take you to the island’s off-the-beaten-track and outback destinations.

A tuk-tuk, on the other hand, can navigate the narrow and rough roads of Gozo. This is driven by a local driver who can also serve as your tour guide. On your way to your next destinations, you can ask the driver for insider tips on where to stay, what to do, and most importantly, where and what to eat.

Tour Options

Tuk-Tuk tours are available in different options. You can choose to go on a city tour, countryside sightseeing tour, full day trip, or a half-day tour.

  • All-Inclusive Full Day Tour – Like all other tuk-tuk tours, the itinerary of an all-inclusive day tour starts at Mgarr Terminal. Its first stop is the Xewkija Rotunda where you’ll visit one of Malta’s oldest churches, the Church of Saint John the Baptist. Then, you’ll take the scenic route and enjoy a stunning view of the blue sea going to Sanap Cliffs. An all-inclusive tour immerses you to the countryside and city centre of Gozo, visiting popular attractions along the way such as the Victoria Centre, Salt Pans, Calypso Cave and Ta’Pinu Shrine. The tour will end at Mgarr Terminal in time for your ferry back to Malta.
  • Morning Tour – This 3-hour tour starts at Mgarr Terminal and will take you to the historic villages of Xewkija, Sannat, Ix-Xlendi, Fontana, San Lawrenz, Għarb, and Victoria.
  • Afternoon Tour – The afternoon 3-hour tuk-tuk tour is designed to let you watch the stunning sunset views of Gozo. Specifically, this will take you to the famous Ramla Valley and Ta’Kenuna Tower of Nadur. You’ll also visit Calypso Cave, Marsalforn, Għarb, and Victoria.

Gozo Tuk-Tuk ToursTuk-Tuk Tour for All Ages

A tuk-tuk tour gives you an avenue to visit the lesser known attractions of Gozo, especially its villages. Here you can indulge in traditional foods prepared in local restaurants and bakeries. You’ll also get up close and personal with the locals, seeing them go about their normal routine as you sit in bakeries and food stalls enjoying your food.

The best thing about opting for a tuk-tuk tour is that it can accommodate both senior citizens and children. The tuk-tuks have a comfortable seat and a cover that can protect the passengers from direct sunlight and rain. There’s also a Wi-Fi device on board, allowing you to connected while travelling around the island.

Gozo is more than just a heritage site; it’s also more than just a site for outdoor activities. It’s actually a place where you can enjoy a perfect combination of adrenaline-rushing outdoor adventures, as well as immerse yourself in the heritage of the island. After your tuk-tuk tour, you’ll get a perspective of Gozo as an open-air museum that’s fascinating both in terms of landscape and culture.


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