Google workers coronavirus:
Google just created a fund to aid all its contract and temporary workers all over the world to have access to a paid sick leave if they are diagnosed with COVID-19 or are quarantined because of the disease.
Via a recent statement, Google wrote, “As we’re in a transition period in the U.S.and to cover any gaps elsewhere in the world. Google is establishing a COVID-19 fund that will enable all our temporary staff and vendors, globally, to take paid sick leave if they have potential symptoms of COVID-19, or can’t come into work because they’re quarantined.”
Google currently has approximately 120,000 temps and contractors but not every one of them has paid sick leave presently. Google’s statement seems to suggest that the fund would take care of expenses for the people that are not already able to take sick leave under present employment arrangements.
Recall that Microsoft also came out to say recently that it would keep paying hourly staffs that are affected by remote work policies.

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