Life is very busy of late and keeping up with the various activities of the day has become more difficult. It becomes easier when we have the habit of putting down notes in the form of to-do lists but since we hace become very dependent on our smartphones for a lot of things, it is only prudent for us to use it to remind us of our various activities. There is an app that can make this very coool and easy to do. There is nothing better than having an app that can do the right job for you, is there?
Google launched its new Google Tasks application for iOS and Android earlier this week. While there’s very little to it, the application is unquestionably valuable for the individuals who need simple access to an overview of their plan for the day inside an application that has a spotless, crisp outline. It likewise syncs every one of your gadgets and is coordinated into Gmail and Google Calendar.

How to use Google Tasks

Creating a task on Google Tasks is as simple as blinking an eye. Once you download the app, tap “Add a new task” and, you’ll be alerted to fill in the little window with what you’d jump at the chance to achieve. While you can decide to just include a line about the undertaking, it likewise enables you to develop details by tapping on the little blue addition sign underneath. This is the place you’re ready to fill in extra data like the due date for the tasks or sub tasks.
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If you are an individual who gets a kick out of the chance to be super organized, Google Tasks additionally has an alternative to make isolate records that you can switch between. When you finish a task you can tap on the circle situated alongside every one and it will naturally mark it as done. You can get back to them under the “Completed” tab at the base, where they for all time live. You can likewise sort the distinctive tasks by date or the particular request you included them. You’re ready to alter diverse tasks also, by tapping on every one particularly and changing what you’d like.
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One thing to note about Google Tasks is the means by which reviving the interface and configuration are. Regardless of whether you have a huge amount of various tasks, the application still continues everything sorted out in a way that doesn’t look or feel excessively overpowering. You have your fundamental task, the little depiction recorded underneath, the date, and afterward all your subtasks recorded beneath, which you can rapidly verify once it’s finished. By tapping on the menu symbol in the lower left-hand corner, you can likewise get to the next task records you made or move them starting with one rundown then onto the next.
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You can likewise get to your tasks on both the work area form of Gmail and Google Calendar (in the event that you set a date on any of them). In case you’re still on the more recent rendition of Gmail, you can pull up your assignments, however it won’t look as outwardly engaging — it will sit in the lower right hand corner of the screen inside a little, obsolete window. With the overhauled adaptation of Gmail, your tasks are situated on the right-hand side of your screen and have an indistinguishable arrangement and look from the application.
For the individuals who utilize Google’s applications no matter how you look at it, it’s useful to have such a consistent incorporation — that way, you don’t need to continually open the application on your cell phone in case you’re at your PC. To make it less demanding, you can likewise drag particular messages into the Tasks application to consequently make an undertaking to add to your to list.
For those searching for an application that enables you to scribble down brisk notes — without growing familiar with a confounding interface — Google Tasks is the one to download. Ideally, Google will keep on updating it with new highlights that take into account us to run more inside and out with our tasks and plan for the day.
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